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On Friday, January 30, 10:15 a.m. Dennis Spuck, Dean of the College of Education at University of Houston Clear Lake will present a check for $2500. to Ms. Linda Llorente, principal of Stephen F. Austin High School.  The presentation will take place in room B1218 of the Bayou Building at the University of Houston-Clear Lake campus, 2700 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston.   

The check is to help support the Pathway to Teaching program, a collaboration of Austin High School, Houston Community College-Southeast Eastside Campus, and University of Houston-Clear Lake.  These three Gulf Coast institutions are working together to provide a step-by-step program of community college preparation, university graduation, and school district experience to train future teachers for careers in education in the southeast Houston area.

Austin High School for Teaching Professions, the magnet program of Stephen F. Austin High School,  is hoping to find 10 additional donors who are willing to provide $250. each in matching funds to help support the program.  This funding would be for Austin seniors.  They are paid (minimum wage, $6.25/hr.) to work 1 1/2 hours/day, 4 days a week in local elementary & middle schools.  On the 5th day, Friday, they attend seminars on different topics in education.  They work at Cage Elementary, Rusk Elementary, Tijerina Elementary, Lantrip Elementary and Jackson Middle; they also work in Life Skills classes at Austin HS.

 Austin High School for Teaching Professions students in grades 9, 10 & 11 tutor students at JP Henderson Elementary, Franklin Elementary and Life Skills students from our own campus.

See pictures below of Financial Award given to Principal Llorente for Austin Teaching Profession students.

(This picture demonstrates how the Pathway to Teaching program connects Austin Students to HCC-Southeast-Eastside and U of H Clearlake)






The Pathway to Teaching Program provides a "Safety Net" for students in the program, and provides a bridge from high-school to college.






Principal Llorente graciously accepts the $2500 check awarded to Austin High School, which will be used for Austin Highschool Magnet Seniors.