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Education is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers available today.  You can be part of this career through a program for southeast Houston area students called Pathway to Teaching.

What is Pathway to Teaching?
The Pathway to Teaching program is an effort to bring bright, dedicated students into the world of teaching and into area public schools through a collaboration of Austin High School; Houston Community College-Southeast Eastside Campus, and the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  These three Gulf Coast institutions are working together to provide a step-by-step program of community college preparation, university graduation, and school district experience to train future teachers for careers in education in the southeast Houston area.

What courses will I take?
Coursework at HCC-SE Eastside will include a comprehensive general education curriculum.  HCC-SE Eastside offers a variety of classes, both day and evening, to fit your schedule.  After completing the necessary coursework at HCC-SE Eastside, you will transfer a minimum of 54 semester hours of lower level course work to UH-Clear Lake.  It is highly recommended that students take the TASP test at
HCC-SE Eastside in preparation for the Teacher Education Program at UHCL.  While at UHCL; you will continue to take courses at the junior and senior level to complete your education course work and earn your undergraduate degree.  UHCL is located near NASA's Johnson's Space Center, about 15 miles south of downtown Houston.  The faculty and staff offer support and personal attention, and the campus provides a friendly, caring, and safe environment.

What about the teaching experience?
While students attend college at both campuses, Houston Independent School District will provide HCC-SE Eastside students with opportunities for employment and experiential learning.  Internships and field experiences will be available in the HCC-SE area for interested students.  HISD is always looking for qualified, dedicated teachers, and your involvement in this program can be the first step in finding a teaching job in the Houston area.

What else does Pathway to Teaching offer?
As a student in the Pathway to Teaching program, you will be provided with a variety of special services, including advising assistance, the mentor program, employment opportunities, career counseling, scholarship opportunities, and other programs to make your journey to becoming a teacher a positive, rewarding, and successful experience.

As new programs are developed, services for Pathway to Teaching students will continue to grow.  We at Austin High School, Houston Community College-Southeast Eastside Campus, the University of Houston Clear Lake are committed to providing southwest Houston-area students with every opportunity to make the dream of becoming a teacher a reality.

For more information contact:
Austin High School for Teaching Professions
Mrs. Koch: (713) 924-1608

Houston Community College-Southeast Eastside Campus
Counseling Center (713) 718-7219

University of Houston-Clear Lake School of Education
(281) 283-3600

Information taken from Pathway to Teaching brochure