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The Orientation to Teaching Class is one of the specialty classes offered through the Austin High School for Teaching Professions Small Learning Community.  Students in this SLC follow a course of study designed to prepare them for college and eventually, if they so choose, a career in Education.  The Magnet Small Learning Community Course of Study from Grades 9-12 is listed below.


Austin High School for Teaching Professions

Kathy Koch, Coordinator (713) 924-1608
1700 Dumble
                      Houston, TX 77023-3195


Grade 9 - Exploration

Orientation to the Teaching Professions – Designed to give students an overview of the teaching profession. Includes service projects, work with special needs students and character education.

Introduction to Speech Communication – Designed to introduce students to the importance of effective speech. Students have an opportunity to prepare for participate in, and evaluate a variety of speaking situations.

Exploratory Field Trips


Grade 10 - Commitment

Current Issues in Education – Examines historical and contemporary issues which have shaped today’s public schools and explores the roles of government and the courts in education.

Teen Leadership – Students develop basic leadership skills and are provided with various opportunities to use them.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program, JP Henderson Elementary 5th grade


Grade 11 – Preparation

BCIS 2 (Formerly Seminar in the Educational Process) – Students learn to prepare and implement effective lesson plans, manage the classroom, and relate to both academic and emotional needs of today’s youth. Includes use of computers to write a children’s book, build a grade book database and complete a Power Point project.

College Skill Building – Students prepare for the transition to college, including preparation for college entrance examinations such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

The Franklin Project, Franklin Elementary 1st & 2nd grade


Grade 12 – Experience

Educational Internship – Students work as paid teaching interns at either an elementary or middle school.

Friday Seminar Class

Reflective Journals

College Information