Beauty of Teaching
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Welcome to the most exciting and invigorating profession, "Teaching".  Teaching, a part of the Education profession enables both the instructor and the student to make a positive impact in society.

What makes a "Great Teacher"?  I'm glad you asked.  The Great Teacher is the one who knows the most, communicates the richest vision, and radiates such a passion for a subject that he or she infects others with it, like some wonderful disease.

Here's some characteristics of a Great Teacher:

Great teachers ...

  • make you feel special.
  • teach you how to learn.
  • inspire you with their passion.
  • engage your whole being.
  • keep you focused.
  • open you up to new experiences.
  • have no agenda.
  • make the complicated simple.
  • give clear explanations.
  • show you how everything ties together.