Why The Apple
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Why an Apple?

The apple has long been a symbol for the teaching profession.  A student bringing “an apple
for the teacher” is a familiar part of American school lore.  When we take a moment to consider
                this symbol more fully, we can also see a deeper meaning.

Inside every apple, there are many seeds; inside each of these seeds, there are innumerable
        apples. So it is with the teaching profession.  Just as it is impossible to know how many apples will
                spring from the seeds of a single apple, it is impossible to estimate the influence a single
teacher may have on the future.

It is the responsibility of every teacher to plant seeds of knowledge and growth
within the minds of students and to provide a nurturing environment where
these seeds can flourish.  In time, the students begin to contribute to society,
perhaps even becoming educators themselves.  The influence of a single teacher
expands ever outward and into the future. 

The next time you look at an apple, try to imagine the potential orchards
contained within.  And the next time you see a teacher, realize
that you are in the presence of someone who is
touching tomorrow today.