Some Boat Pictures

I will add more as I get them. Feel free to send me some. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger version)

Some pictures from the AOF Nationals in Rainbow City, Al. Please forgive the quality, but, my camera didn't float too well !!!!!!!

Chuck Hittson F-22
Chuck Hittson F-22 and Greg McCreery 19-F covering their motors before the rain.
Officials before the start of a heat.
Tuttle Racing's new Pugh hydro.
Another picture of Tuttle Racing's new Pugh hydro.
Part of the pits! Note the small runabout in the forground.
More of the pits with the amazing Alabama countryside in the background.
The officials hard at work. What would we do without people like them !! Thanks folks.......
Spooky's trailer
Packed and ready to hit the road. Well almost :-)
Terry Witham 5-H in the foreground. Chuck Hittson F-22 (D-Hydro), Greg McCreery 19-F (D-Hydro) and Bobby Hawkins 22-F (D-Hydro national champion in the background. The 19-F boat is the one that Greg let me ride to a 4th overall.
Corben and I
Yours truely with Greg McCreery's D-Hydro that I rode. My son (next generation racer) took a ride over from inspection.
I don't believe my eyes
Rare picture :-) Chuck Hittson greasing his gearbox on his D-Hydro
Corben and I
Another shot of me and my boy. Thanks once again to Greg McCreery for letting me ride this boat.

Terry Witham's Hydro. This is a very fast well turned out boat.Terry and his dad were unbelievably helpful. It's people like them that make boat racing great.

Some of the amazing scenery in the area.

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