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Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Gilmore and I am a horse trainer. My home location is in Western North Carolina. I offer specialized training and retraining for horses that are marginal, have been ruined through neglect or abuse or are just plain cantankerous. I also start, train and retrain horses of all ages.

If you have a horse that has behavioral problems or a horse that you are starting, I can help. I use non-forceful methods that insure the comfort, safety and well being of the horse (and ultimately the rider.)

I spend a lot of time working with field hunters, 'hunters' and 'jumpers.' I also do a lot of work saving horses that would have been given up on otherwise. In addition to that, there's also horse sales and cavalry re-enacting to boot.

Now Available (Located in Polk County, North Carolina)

Customized Training for Horse and Rider

Riding Lessons

Equine Management and Consulting

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May 20, 2004 - More Articles Coming Soon.

I've provided two ways to view my articles. The first link will take you to the page in your current browser window. The second link will open a new window in your browser.

Look Into My Horse's Eye - September 10, 2002
Look Into My Horse's Eye - September 10, 2002 (opens new browser window)

When Less is More - July 29, 2002
When Less is More - July 29, 2002 (opens new browser window)

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Technical Riding Diagrams
(from a cavalry manual)
The basic technical aspects for riding from an old cavalry manual. More diagrams to be added soon.

Is there anyone who's good with identifying cattle and horse brands? Take a look at this one and let me know if you anything as to its originsclick here.

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Major Harry W. Gilmor, CSA
(One of My Confederate Ancestors)

Foxhunting Images From North Carolina
(Currently three pages)

Tot Goodwin, Green Creek Hounds (achive article)

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Me and Julio down by the barn yard
Me and Julio down by the barn yard......

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