A Reflective Post

What is it?
A reflective post is one that collects your thoughts -- a way of thinking back on what you learned. It tells about your feelings and experiences as you participated in the activities of this class and your contact with the language outside it.

The reflective post will give you the opportunity to reflect and comment on what you have read, discussed, written, and learned over the semester. When reflecting about group work, remember which members were present at the meeting, what took place in the group meeting,observe the groups dynamics and reflect on your participation in the group meeting.

Some tips

Stay focused and think about what you learned.
Describe what happened to you. What did you learn? How did the actual experiences of researching, discussing, creating, affect you? Anything that you can connect that happened outside the classroom is also fair game.
Pay attention to the clarity and style of your writing.
Make use of the ideas, concepts and vocabulary used in class. Use the facilities of the Internet to link to sources and images which may complement your information (do not copy and paste).
Organize your ideas and use link words to make smooth transitions.

Your posts will be evaluated according to the following criteria