Keeper of Infinite Earths - Prime Universe

Heroes & Villains

Golden Age

As the 18th century ended, events light years away began to affect the history of the Earth. Shockwaves from The TEC Empire sent Pomage and the child who would be Mystery Man to our galaxy. A mysterious explosion in Tunguska, a resurgence of mystical powers in Tibet, strange occurances in the Bermuda Triangle, and the emergence of both costumed heroes and villians would forever alter the history of the universe as the planet Earth became involved more and more in the workings of the universe. Although All American debuted during WW I, the new age of the superhero truly exploded in the fires of World War 2. A small handful of heroes appeared prior to the declaration of war, but, as if sensing the importance of overcoming the evil Axis powers, afterward came the opening of the floodgates. Many seeds were planted in the 1940's which are still bearing fruit today. The children and grandchildren of the original superheroes and even some of them still fight to maintain peace and justice for all.