Keeper of Infinite Earths

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From the beginning, magic flowed in this universe. Whether reptilian or merman or human or god-like, on Earth or elsewhere in the universe, there was great power available for the taking. In the distant past, the reptilian races warred themselves into virtual extinction on Earth. In their wake came the Mermen, the Quince A Quail, and Mankind. Deep in the cosmos, TEC began an empire intending to rule all that exists. Powerful mystics and god-like beings walked the Earth. The Norsemen learned from the Allfather, one-eyed Odin, and his son, the red beard Thor. In Camelot, Morgana Le Fey battled Arthur and Lancelot. The creatures of myth, the lands of fantasy, and the power of the ages existed to battle to determine whether good or evil would prevail. The battle continues to this very day.