Keeper of Infinite Earths - Prime Universe

60,000 B.C. The reptile races Alligator and Crocodile form cultures after the Dinosaurs. The evil Kobel turns the Crocs against the Gators. TíS Tarkin is trapped in an amulet by Kobel.
50,000 B.C.
The Mermen & Quince A Quail appear.
40,000 B.C.
The Savage Targ first appears.
11,000 B.C.
The Mermen enslave the Quince A Quail.
5,000 B.C.
The TEC Empire forms.
4,000 B.C.
Ankh sacrifices herself and traps both her and Kobel in suspended animation.
1,100 BC
Pomageís race dies in part to the interference of TEC. He decides to help other planets versus TEC.
Morgana entraps Sir Lancelot in his sword.
Ian Troll was bitten first by a vampire, later by a werewolf, and had a curse placed upon him for disgracing a powerful countís family, so he went to a witch for help. After the curse had been lifted Ian killed the old woman and stole the secrets of her power. Ian went on to be known across all of Europe as Crykill.
A ruthless pirate called Captain Blood by every sea faring man, would be killed at high sea only to return as the ghostly form of the Dark One. 
Hern first appears
Insect and Insecton fight in the war of the worlds
A space ship carrying intergalactic zoo animals crashed on Earth.
Insect goes off to fight The TEC Empire
June 30, The Tunguska fireball explodes in Siberia, soldiers loyal to Czar Nicholas II retrieve samples.
Robert Franklin becomes the first costumed hero of a new era. The public calls him All American.
All American goes off to fight in World War I.
Over the Nexus of Power in the Bermuda Triangle, Crykill battled All American in a pitched fight that ended in Crykillís defeat and he was swallowed up by the murky depths.
June1, Ninja Master takes over the Ninja Guild.
Crimson Death debuts
May 9, All American fights mobster Ceaser Cire
Dead Knight debuts.
1927 Dead Knight, Crimson Death and All American team-up
Dead Knight and Crimson Death stop Dr. Pretorious from using sonic waves to merge dimensions in "The Sound of Terror".
Pomage introduces Genata into Earth's atmosphere. This adds to some peoples DNA giving some "super abilites". He does this so that someday humans can defend themselves in case of a T.E.C. Invasion.
January 4, Mystery Man, princely heir from the planet Ultra , is sent to Earth by his father in order to protect him from TEC.
January 10, Frantic Blue gains the power of speed from studying with a secluded group of Tibet monks.
May 22, Mermaid, princess of the underwater world of Lymeria, is sent to America to protect her realm and aid the allies against the Axis threat.
June 11, Agent XX-7 first appearance
January 7, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, gathers All American, Mermaid, Mystery Man, Agent XX-7 and Frantic Blue. Together they call themselves The Lords of Liberty.
March 5, The Lords of Liberty, fight Nazi brown shirts, in Washington D.C..
February 26, Kid Canada, an amateur boxer too young to enlist becomes All Americanís sidekick.
April 6, Axis Force forms
April 7, The Lords of Liberty go to Europe.
May 13, The Lords of Liberty battle Axis Force.
October 2, Steel Destroyer joins The Lords of Liberty
February 1, Dr. Merlin joins The Lords of Liberty
February 19, The internment of Japanese-Americans causes David Loo to become Black Tiger.
August 5, Major Victory, Lynx, Dr. Solomon, Vic the All Star Kid, Hyper Man, Black Tiger, Cub, Requiem,
American Eagle, Bullet Boy, Guise, and All Star form The Knights of Freedom.
July 4, Kid Canada, Red, White, and Blue form The Young Knights.
August 16, Dr. Morte, Mighty Woman, Inferno, Mr. Lunar, and Condor The Dark Dweller form The Midnight Club.
October 27, The Knights of Freedom fight The Midnight Club.
September 24, Dr. Morte kills All Americanís wife 
February 15, Hitler, gathers German superheroes to form Death Squad.
February 23, The Lords of Liberty battle Death Squad.
September 25, Thunder Man, Thunder Cat, Thunder Girl, Young Thunder Man form The Thunder Family.
September 28, The Knights of Freedom fight The Thunder Family.
October 5, The Meat Hook Mangler goes on a killing spree. He is finally stopped by American Eagle
January 30, Dr. Morte kidnaps White and tortures his mind.
November 24, All of the super- powered groups gathered to battle each other. Red, Blue, American Eagle, Vic the All Star Kid, Guise, and All Star were killed in the battle, as were many of the villains. The rest surrender to All American who granted them mercy. White wanted them all dead. Mystery Man stopped White from killing them, promising that they would be brought to trial. White disappeared.
November 25, Mermaid, felling her mission accomplished returns to her people. Unknown to All American, she is caring his child.
December 25, The Knights of Freedom disband.
Kid Canada changes his name to Canuck.
The Lords of Liberty find Kid Savage and the fountain of youth.
The Lords of Liberty disband
All Americanís son leaves for Australia
Ogreís first appearance, fights All American.
March 27, Mystery Man returns to Ultra having been summoned by his father.
May 14, Earth Angel debuts.
October 4, All American, Kid Savage, Sim the Gillman, Canuck, Night Bird, and Dr. Merlin, form Liberty Squad.
Earth Angel joins the Liberty Squad.
The Liberty Squad fights the Dark One.
The Competitor comes to earth and fights All American to a draw. Afterwards, they become friends.
Liberty Squad fights Ogre and Red Guardsman
Cub scars Ninja Masterís face while rescuing the crippled Black Tiger and becomes Black Tiger II. 
Lanterson joins Liberty Squad
May 18, Professor William Poindexter Keller, switches places in time with the savage Targ.
February 20, General TíSí Tarkin, is freed from the amulet.
July 27, General TíS Tarkin, Targ, Inferno, and Thunderer form Circle of Justice.
March 6, Dr. Morris Manto, Chance, Shooter, and Wisp form Injustice.
October 7, Lanterson, Canuck, Star, and Stripe form The Justice Avengers.
November 21, Liberty Squad disbands
January 9, Dr. Koloff defects from the USSR. After this he forms the Stars and Stripe program.
March 1, Fin comes to the surface world. 
September 3, Star and Stripe marry
November 10, At his official retirement party, All-American discovers that Fin is his daughter.
November 14, The Justice Avengers fight Ogre.
January 8, Scribble and Fin join Circle of Justice. 
February 1, The Justice Avengers fight Red Guardsman
September 12, The Justice Avengers fight Death Squad
September 25, Scribble and Fin marry.
August 18, Circle of Justice and The Justice Avengers fight Baal
September 13, The Justice Avengers fight the villain group Injustice
January 19, Stripe is killed by Baal
August 8, Arrow joins the Justice Avengers
May 20, The Justice Avengers fight Super Star and Hern on Arcadia and then team up to battle TEC.
June 25, In Chile, a mountain climbing group has an accident. Denton Moore is the only survivor. He is found by the Nazi Dr. Shimit who puts Dentonís brain in his New Obermech robot body. Dr. Shimit tries to control him and fails. Denton destroys Dr. Shimitís castle and from that day on calls himself Destructoid.
July 17, Fin finds a young Quince A Quail named Nim.
August 2, Stunner becomes the kid sidekick of Justice Avengers.
January 12, Dr. White forms the Freaks
July 4, The Justice Avengers fight the Freaks.
November 18, Peace Child joins The Justice Avengers.
February 21, Star fights Quasar Alpha who loses his memory and takes the name Cosmic Avenger. Cosmic Avenger joins The Justice Avengers.
November 1, Lanterson, Canuck, and Star disappear.
April 19, Stunner, ďKid sidekick of Justice AvengersĒ puts together The New Justice Avengers. The members are Destructoid, Diamond Man, Cosmic Avenger, Time Warlock, Weather Wizard, Attacker, Polar Girl, Peace Child, and Youngblood.
March 8, Youngblood dies of a drug overdose
May 23, Attacker, Time Warlock, The Bobcats, Weather Wizard, Diamond Man, Polar Girl and Monolith form The Attack Squad.
June 4, Mixatillion and his robot, MEX, arrive on Earth
August 9, Crawler joins the Justice Avengers.
January 28, The TEC Empire starts investigating Earth.
September 14, Amorphous escapes Dr. Koloff's Dungeon and comes to the USA.
June 3, The Attackers fight Golden the Grand.
September 11, A group of high school students take a field trip looking for rocks in a cave in Nevada. A cave in traps the children the caverns. One of them uncovers a wall painting of a Shaman. The Ghost of the Shaman grants them all powers through magical gem stones. 
October 11, On vacation in Brazil, Katrina and Oslo Kligh, ďDouble AgentsĒ are killed by the Odesa. Their 8 year old son, Steven, is abandoned on the streets of Rio to raise himself. Later the boy finds a pair of magic swords and becomes Assassinator.
July 18, Pigman joins Injustice.
August 13, Pigman turns on Injustice and quits.
August 25, Amorphous, Mixitilion, and his robot Mex save Pigman from Injustice and team to form Destructor Force.
September 4, On the planet Arcadia, The Honor League forms.
August 28, The Bobcats disappear
September 23, The Bobcats reappear from the Dark Dimension.
March 9, Destructoid joins The Attack Squad.
May 27, The Justice Avengers change their name to Assembly.
October 17, Chris Talis and Mary Jacobs wed
February 8, Mixatillion dies from injuries in a battle with Injustice.
July 14, Humming Bird is born.
September 28, Attack Squad fight the new Death Squad.
January 1, Dr. Ellis, the mentalist, thinks of suicide and dies.
January 30, Stardust comes to Earth
April 5, Any-Thing Man, Cosmic Avenger, Southern Cross, and Cheetah form The Masters
April 15, The Masters trick Dígrazian into not destroying the earth.
September 17, Aaron Cromwright, Sean Moore, Chris and Mary Talis go on a boating trip in the Bermuda Triangle. Unknowingly they cross over the Nexus, Crykill uses this to escape his watery prison. He breaks a hole in the Nexus freeing him plus other things. A great surge of energy comes from the Nexus destroying the boat. Crykill, now only in spirit form, possesses the body of Aaron Cromwright. Now very weak, he barely swims to a tiny island. This island becomes his new base of operation. A great sonic power is released from the Nexus and it settles in Chris. The sonic power also weak by the blast takes him to a Florida shore. Later, Chris mourns the loss of his wife and friends and decides to use his new powers to help others. An evil power of mindless revenge calling itself Revenant is also released. The power combined the bodies of Mary Talis and Sean Moore and itís warped mind decides to take revenge on Chris Talis. 
March 9, Steven Kligh, becomes Assassinator.
April 1, Pomage grants two humans superpowers.
July 4, Sound Waveís first appearance.
July 8, Speedís first appearance.
September 15, Energy Woman is given her powers when a renegade scientists transfers them to her after a battle with the Attack Squad.
October 7, Sound Wave and Speed, form The Protectors.
October 19, Acrobat, (later he changes his name to Masquerade) Energy Woman, Stardust, Plainsman, Shock Wave, Ghost, and Law Keeper join The Protectors.
November 12, Crykill forms The Anachronist Society.
December 1, Bonji joins Destructor Force.
December 5, The Protectors and The Anachronist Society battle for the first time. 
January 14, Ninja Master makes his first appearance in the U.S.A..
March 28, Esper joins the Protectors.
April 5, Esper fights Mammoth.
April 7, Mammoth joins the Protectors.
July 1, The T.E.C. Empire, launches a massive invasion on earth.
July 7, Shockwave is given the power cosmic by Lord Chaos, and Master Order. The power serves to be too much for him and he goes insane, changing his name to Solomon Wave.
July 9, Lord Chaos, and Master Order enlist the services of Mammoth to fight T.E.C.
July 10, Starflyer frees a shipload of T.E.C.ian war prisoners.
July 15, A large group of Super Heroes goes off to space to fight T.E.C..
July 20, Solomon Wave defeats T.E.C.. The heroes defeat Solomon Wave.
August 12, Rebecca Shmitís robots battle Speed.
September 2, Pigman changes his name to Boulder.
September 8, Mex kills Tumbler, first appearance of Mutant Force.
September 25, Darkforce joins the Protectors.
October 5, The Anachronist Society offers Assassinator membership, he turns them down.
February 4, Lawkeeper quits the Protectors.
March 9, Sound Wave and Silver Streak foil a Stronghold jail brake.
April 26, Assassinator and Tiger team as super assassins.
May 16, Night Shadow, Silhouette, Daydreamer, Sympathy, and Acrobat from The Guardians of the Night.
May 23, Jerry Allen, discovers an old space ship. Inside the ship he unearths an alien and together they become Extension.
June 4, Lancelot, Piercer, Cometeer, Plainsman, and Silver Steak form the Protectors West.
July 2, Sound Wave rescues the villainess Mindslayer. They falls in love and she retires.
August 19, The United Nations, forms Force Super Hero. The members Manta Man, Force (Mike Manto), Crawler II, Micro Lass, and Beef Eater. 
January 1, A member of the Illithid joins The Anachronist Society. He calls himself Mindflayer.
February 20, The Master, gathers Apartition, Flaming Skull, Night Warlock, Manitou and Zombie together to form The Covenant in Salem, Massachusetts
April 26, All American IIís jaw is broken by the original All American.
July 4, Sound Wave and Mindslayer marry.
October 7, The Protectors fight their evil counterparts, the Attackers.
November 3, The Junior Protectors form, All American instructs the children.
November 8, Anachronist-Injustice war.
November 16, All American II forms The Overseers of the Law.
December 5, Mage joins the Protectors.
December 25, Star Blade joins the Protectors.
January 9, All American II quits The Overseers and changes name to American Avenger.
January 21, Katrina Yaga is beaten in combat by Crykill. She becomes his slave.
March 7, Mammoth journeys to an alternate dimension and finds Shadow Dancer, whom he falls in love with and brings back to Earth with him
April 24, Shadow Dancer joins Protectors
July 25, Because of governmental cutbacks Force SH and The Overseers of the Law merge.
July 29, The Protectors and Force SH Battle for Cosmic Staff.
August 4, Mammoth and Shadow Dancer wed
September 20, Destructor Force and The Red Guardians battle for the first time.
October 10, Insect comes to Earth to track down TECís chief assassin Star Blade
November 3, Guardians of the Night disband.
November 9, Star Blade is killed by Golden the Grand
November 17, A normal calling himself Captain Freedom applies for membership in the Protectors and is politely rejected. Hired as a trainer for the Junior Protectors.
November 24,.Insect becomes an alien ambassador and joins Destructor Force.
December 3, Misfit, Acrobat, Sympathy, Falsehood, Nightshadow and Silhouette form the team Nightshift.
December 25, the missing members of the Justice Avengers are found by members of the Assembly.
January 5, All the members of Force Super Hero are killed by Baal and his minions.
January 14, The Assembly gets international standing and becomes Hero Club.
January 20, Mammoth and Mindflayer battle for the first time.
January 25, Rocketeer has a nervous breakdown.
February 19, A legion of super heroes plus Injustice defeat Baal and his minions.
March 1, The original Crawler comes out of retirement.
April 2, Mindflayer tricks Mammoth with illusions. He destroys some statues in Central Park.
June 12, Sound Wave finds Cat an imperfect clone of Tiger. Cat joins the Protectors. 
September 28, Mammoth journeys to Protectorates Universe and meets Swift
October 27, The Covenant find Kobel and Ankh in a pyramid.
November 6, Cat losses control and kills Ratman.
November 17, Captain Freedom is murdered by Black Paladin who left the body in the freezer for kids to find.
December 11, La Diabla mystically seduces Speed, has his child, and ages him to adulthood to fight the Protectors.
December 28, Mind Flayer triggers Shadow Dancerís unborn child to grow and die.
January 9, The Protectors exorcise Crykill from Aaron Cromwright.
January 10, Aaron Cromwright takes the name Arcanum and joins The Protectors.
January 20, Mammoth, in order to save his wife, kills Mind Flayer. Arcanum kills Black Paladin.
February 3, Speed and Roberta marry. Rebecca Shmit tries to kill them. Energy Woman, helps Speed defeat Rebeccaís robots.
February 20, Stardust joins Freedom Brigade.
February 21, Black Tiger 2, Dark Force, Praying Mantis, Armory, and Sensei form Samurai.
March 3, Destructor Force are hired by Walter Penwright III ďThe Wealthiest Boy AliveĒ as part time body guards.
April 1, Dr. Koloff is killed by his own monster Super Soviet, who also kills the original Hammer, and Sickle.
May 27, Protectors West changes name to Freedom Brigade.
September 12, Crykill attempts to mind control Baal.
September 12, Gremlin destroys many parallel universes.
October 19, Swift comes to the Prime earth.
October 23, The Protectors Academy is founded.
November 1, Time Warlock gets the Power Cosmic.
December 23, The worldís most powerful villain teams take over other dimensions.
May 17, Members of the Protectors Academy battle Super Soviet.
June 2, Revenant attempts to exact itís revenge on Sound Wave. It is defeated and Mary and Sean are separated from itís influence.
September 25, A new villainess takes the name Mind Slayer.
October 3, Speed and Roberta give birth to Rick Bartel (Slick).
January 7, Gem Girl joins the Protectors.
March 4, Dark Mace kills Starburst.
April 27, Mage moves to The Freedom Brigade.
May 14, Mammoth meets his other dimensional counterparts.
October 5, Archer and Energy Woman marry.
December 3, Because of the fountain of youth, All American, Mermaid, and Frantic Blue are made young again.
December 30, All American, Mermaid, and Frantic Blue go off to space to help fight T.E.C..
February 21, The Attack Legion finds the Life Gem and Destructoid uses it to regenerate his body.
The Healing Gem makes a young and an old Denton Moore. The old becomes Destructoid host body. The young body becomes a host for a recently dead young man. Attack Legion gives him The Life Gem. Kirk Lynch becomes New Man. New Man becomes a member of Attack Legion. 
November 8, Crusher and Power Woman retires and become trainers at The Protectors Academy.
January 1, Blur joins the Attack Legion.
February 8, Ace joins The Protectors.
March 28, Brickhouseís first appearance.
April 24, Adamant joins Freedom Brigade.
June 6, Dr. White exacts his revenge on the superhero community. 
October 5, Attack Squad dons the name Attack Legion.
December 1, Smite, Blood Right, and The Horde Join The Anachronist Society.
December 12, Bug joins the Protectors. 
January 1, Dr. Morris Manto dies of a heart attack.
February 14, Crykill temporarily possesses Mammoth and nearly kills the Protectors.
April 12, Shaft becomes leader of Freedom Brigade
September 14, TECíian Warrior comes to Earth
February 19, Dr. Shimidt dies of natural causes.
January 6, The Protectors save the president. 
January 6, The Red Beret commits suicide.
July 13, Bongi forms Freaktown and becomes Mayor
November 15, Nightshift disbands.
February 12, The Protectors fight the Lordís Agents of Glory.
March 11, The Protectors foil invasion plans by the planet Romulet, Stardustís homeworld.
May 15, The Protectors battle Insecton
May 23, Mex builds himself a new robotic body
June 19, Freedom Brigade battle the War-God Aries and his minions, the Conquerors.
August 26, Titan, Humming Bird, Vanishing Point, and Ripple join the Protectors Academy. Bug and the new the Academy fight members the Anachronist. Ace disappears.
August 27, Freedom Brigade fight Little Professor in Mexico.
September 1, Ultiman gets the Attackers to help him disgrace the Protectors by mind controlling Ace.
September 3, Starmaster kills Dark Mace in an attempt to combine the Powergems, but is defeated by the Attack Legion.
January 15, The Attack Legion fight Rebeca Shmit's robots.
January 20, Ulta-mind evolves into pure thought
January 25, The Masters disbands.