Keeper of Infinite Earths - The Protectors

Created by Bob Justice


Alter Ego: Robert Thomas Franklin 
Occupation: Construction Worker, Bodyguard, Super-hero/Instructor at the Protectors Academy
Known Relatives: Grandfather- All American, Parents- Steven & Sharon Thomas (Franklin) - deceased, Wife-Fawn Franklin/Shadow Dancer
Base of Operations: Formerly Cincinnati, OH, now Protectors HQ, NYC

When his parents were killed in a traffic accident, the four year old Robert Frank Thomas was orphaned with no known relatives. He was awarded by the courts to the custody of Dr. Jeremiah Whyte who was an early specialist in mutant physiology. The child was 4 years old, 5' tall, 180 lbs and growing. Dr. Whyte was secretly building a team of mutants and intended for Mammoth to be their leader. He invented an inhibitor belt that controlled Mammoth's growth, both in height and in mass. The Doctor's estimation was that Mammoth, without his intervention, would have grown to be an incredibly athletic and strong thirty foot man. He succeeded in leveling his height to 6'10 1/2" and around 300 lbs. with the belt allowing him to grow to nearly twenty feet tall with a mass reducing capability. Increasingly unhappy with Whyte's erratic behavior and being uncomfortable with the idea of being groomed as a leader, Mammoth left shortly after his 18th birthday with his costume, belt, and a desire to be a hero for everyone, not just at the Doctor's whim. He got a job in construction and began his career in Cincinnati. Eventually he crossed paths with Esper, not recognizing him, he attacked the Protector. Esper quickly mind scanned him, realized he was making a mistake, and ended the fight by offering him an opportunity to join the team. He was accepted and took a job as Chris Talis' bodyguard for a time. Eventually, he gave up worrying about a secret identity, especially after discovering he was All American's grandson. His father had been long estranged from All American and taken the surname Thomas. He altered his costume to red, white, and blue and reversed his name back to Robert Thomas Franklin. 
He was chosen by Lord Chaos and Master Order as the champion of life when Shockwave went mad and gained life support and the ability to fly in the bargain. He was transported to another dimension to stop Kali from crossing back from the realm she was imprisoned in, he met Shadow Dancer, fell in love, they defeated Kali with the help of the Protectors, she returned with him, joined the team, and they got married. After the horrible incidents with Mind Flayer causing the death of Mammoth and Shadow Dancer's unborn child and the attempt to eat SD's brain that led to Mammoth killing Mind Flayer, they took time off to recover physically and emotionally. With their return to active duty, they decided to continue their work with the Junior Protectors and the Academy with Titan becoming almost an adopted son.

Mammoth is a very literal minded, determined man, strongly devoted to using his gifts to help those in need. He is intelligent, but has a temper and has a tendency to believe what he sees without thinking. After being manipulated by Mind Flayer on numerous occasions, he has worked on that with help from Esper. Upon his return to active duty, he gained a bit of a cynical edge. He still believes in fighting the good fight like his grandfather did, but the price he has paid weighs heavily on him. His devotion to the team and Soundwave is strong, but the 'code vs. killing' mentality has lessened considerably. He would never betray those principles intentionally, but he does not pull his punches as much as in his youth. He still looks at his powers as a blessing and at himself as a sort of big brother to the members of the team.

Quote: “Ready when you are, S W!”

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