The Recumbent Stone Circles of North East Scotland

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All the following can be found in and around the Aberdeen area.  Each have a description and instructions on how to reach them.


Aikey Brae
East Aquhorthies
Loanhead of Daviot
Old Rayne
Tyrebagger Hill

About the Recumbent Stone Circle: This particular style of stone circle is endemic to the North East of Scotland.  What makes this circle unique is the large stone (often many tonnes in weight) which lies horizontally and was put in position to be dead level. This is the recumbent. To either side was placed a large stone vertically, called the flanker.  Typically the stones which made up the circle portion were graded so that they decreased in size away from the recumbent.  The circles were erected   by an entire village and the engineering feat needed to bring stones of many tonnes is amazing.

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