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EJT Database Basics
A description of the Database Suite and it's capabilities.


Updated 9/3/99

The Basics
This set of databases is designed for companies that produce projects for clients. Companies that have twenty or fewer employees and that have these employees perform twenty or fewer billed job descriptions.
It allows you to define Basic Information about your business:
  • Employees' names (20 or fewer)
  • Employees' hourly payrate (one rate per employee)
  • Hourly cost for each employee (one cost per employee)
  • Work functions that employees perform (20 or less functions)
  • Rates that you bill your clients for each function and employee rates
  • Company's basic information
  • Client's basic information including:
  • Company Name, address (2 lines), MailStop, Code, City, ST, ZIP, Phone, FAX, alt phone, email, Title, FirstName, LastName, Client Contact Title, name, phone, FAX, and email. Complete Shipping Information.
  • Vendor's basic information (same as client information)
It allows you to create
  • Job specifications for your clients
  • Estimates for those jobs
It allows each of twenty employees to enter
  • Time (15min increments) spent on each job
  • Define that time as one of twenty functions and billing rate
It allows your office manager to collect time entries for employees and produce
  • Reports of actual time spent on each job and/or client at any time
  • Comparisons of the estimate and actual agency costs / outside costs
It allows your traffic manager to produce
  • Traffic reports to track job progress
  • Hot sheets in list and calendar form for account managers and creative staff
It allows your office manager to produce
  • Invoices
  • Historical comparisons of Estimates and Invoices for a client or type of job

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