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Database Publishing Introduction
FileMaker Pro and Pagemaker can talk to each other with a combination of AppleScript, and their own scripting languages to automate the publishing of a catalog or database.


Updated 9/10/99

The Basics
FileMaker Pro Scripting
. FileMaker Pro has a scripting language built in.
. This scripting capability allows communication and data transfer between fields, layouts, and databases.
. The scripting version in the later updates of FileMaker can send AppleEvents (AppleEvents are the statements in the AppleScripting language.
PageMaker Scripting
. PageMaker has a scripting language built in. Any action that can be done with a keyboard or mouse action can be activated by a script. A new document can be created at a given size, with any number of pages and text or graphics can be imported, placed and sized.
. Pagemaker is AppleScript aware and it's inbuilt scripting can be activated by AppleEvents.
. The scripting version in the later updates of FileMaker can send AppleEvents (AppleEvents are the statements in the AppleScripting language.
. The Macintosh OS includes a Scripting Language. AppleScript is the most capable and difficult to master of the three scripting languages mentioned here.
. There are several "scripting" programs; HyperCard, Microphone, Excel, PageMaker, Quark Express and others that allow you to control every aspect of their interface. AppleScript can control multiple applications. You can get data from a FileMaker database, AppleScript can process it, PageMaker to import, format, save it, and print it.
Automated Database Publishing
. The capabilities of these scripting languages allow the contents of a database to be published automatically in a Pagemaker document.
. A document that would take two weeks to manually import and format can be done in two days. Updates to information can be done in two hours, not two days.
Information on the Web
Of the scraps of information about automated Desktop Publishing on the internet, serveral searches found these:

Desktop Science by Olav Martin Kvern

"Son of Total Control" Windows
Desktop Science by Olav Martin Kvern
"Bride of Total Control" Macintosh
Desktop Science by Olav Martin Kvern
"Total Control: The Next Generation" (PDF: 413 KB / 6 pages)
There's never been a better time to free yourself from boring, repetitive tasks using PageMaker's scripting language.
Desktop Science by Olav Martin Kvern
"Playing Tag" (PDF: 330 KB / 5 pages)
Lots of people don't know about PageMaker's support for tagged text-and they're missing out.
Desktop Science by Olav Martin Kvern
"Beyond the Phone Book" (PDF: 380 KB / 5 pages)
Whether you know it or not, "database publishing" probably describes some of what you do. Here's how to do it better!
Desktop Science by Olav Martin Kvern
"A Friendly Conversation" (PDF: 281 KB / 6 pages)
PageMaker(R) 6.5's powerful (and little-known) new scripting capabilities let you ask PageMaker questions and do things with the answers.
The Automatic Publisher by David Blatner
Scripting Quark Xpress MacWorld May99
Applescripting with Pagemaker 6.5
ISO FileMaker Magazine Price: $50.00 US (annually)..
Description: Magazine created as a FileMaker Pro file. Tons of articles and bonus FileMaker files demonstrating concepts shown in the articles.
GalleyMaster XD
Galley Master XD is an Adobe PageMaker plug-in that lets you automate the formatting of databases and graphics into Pagemaker documents.

Database Pros

The best FileMaker resource on the internet! The largest collection of free tips and tricks. Other highlights of the site include quick tips and bonus files. Database Pros also offers onsite and offsite training courses based on the wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM.
FileMaker Resource Review
Looking for FileMaker Resources? Check out these reviews before you buy. We cover FileMaker books, magazines, software files and more.
Adobe PageMaker Scripting
by Hans Hansen, author of the Adobe Press book, Adobe PageMaker Scripting.
Maintained by Vladimir Samarskiy, the Adobe engineer who developed the PageMaker 6.5 scripting engine.
Dave Saunders,, has some scripts gathered here.
Automated newspaper production with PageMaker.
Gordon Woolf of The Worsley Press in Australia, hosts this site with PageMaker information.
Applescript, Frontier, and other scripting languages
The AppleScript Sourcebook website.
A commercial site of PageMaker plug-ins.
MacScripting Mailing List
A general Macintosh-related scripting list. To subscribe, send email to with a subject of "subscribe" and a message of
"subscribe macscrpt your name".
Adobe Magazine, the print edition, is online.
Alan Rolfe has this Introduction/Tutorial on PM6.52.
This is a book on Userland Frontier. This book covers Frontier 4.2.3, the Mac-only version, but is still an invaluable learning tool for the current cross-platform 5.0 version.
Developers of Plugins for PageMaker and Xtension for XPress. Download demos of FRAEMZ PS for Macintosh and Windows PageMaker.

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