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Use Disk Images

Using Disk Images
Store a floppy, Zip, CD, or Hard Drive image, use it for install, backup, or Archive. 

Updated 9/9/99

 There are tricks, some you have seen and wondered at, that are very simple to use and same time and look cool

Shrinkwrap, from a variation of Apple's Disk Copy utility with the added benefit of being able to use the Stuffit engine to compress images and working a great deal faster than Disk Copy.
Disk Top, a utility for copying disks with the ability to include invisibles.
Jeremy J. Reichman ( who published a PDF file, on the web page, entitled "Standard Macintosh Setup", which outlines the technique for preparing image files to be restored to multiple Macs/disks. The trick is to prepare the image file for Apple Software Restore utility using a script in the ASR SDK. The hard part was locating the ASR SDK. After many futile web searches, I finally discovered it. It is now included as part of the Installer SDK and is available, directly from Apple at
Once the image is properly prepared, Apple Software Restore utility will be able to create an exact copy on any disk/partition large enough to hold it. (The utility is included with the Installer SDK and can also be grabbed from newer MAC OS G3 CDs included with new Macs.
Original Post:
I have found that Apple's Disk Copy utility is very useful for making exact copies of a disk (only up to 2 gig, though. :( ) Everything gets copied, including invisibles and desktop. However, the one option that does not seem to be available is restoring from a disk image (Make Floppy does not work.)
Has anyone found an easy way to do this? The only way so far, I've found, is to mount the image and drop the pseudo-disk icon on top of another disk's icon. That, however, copies everything, within a new folder on that disk. Not very clean nor is it easy to clean-up after.






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