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Horoscope of Japan:
The Promulgation of the Meiji Constitution



Venus = 021
Mars = 110
Saturn = 121
Uranus = 202
Pluto = 210
Jupiter = 230
Neptune = 230
Sun = 331
Mercury = 400
Moon = 510

Node = Transcendental Node (112)

     Japan: The promulgation of the Meiji Constitution

Primary Transcendental Venus, Secondary Mars, Tertiary Transcendental Saturn.

Feb 11 1889
12.00.00 PM LMT (+00)
139E46'00"; 35N00'00"
Asc: 09Ge22; Mc: 18Aq56

Source: "The promulgation of the constitution took place during the day, and in the absence of accurate information [the chart] ... is set for 12.00 noon LMT, for the capital, Tokyo." Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes," p. 215.


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