July 27, 2001:

A new page is added to TTC for guess who?:

If you guessed Shellman, you win the cute, fuzzy plush Wojit doll (whatever that is). On the Shellman page you will find "little known facts about Shellman" and "links to interviews with Shellman". You can access this humorous and informative page by clicking on her B&W photo on the ABOUT TROIKA page or simply by clicking here. Guess who's next to recieve the honor.
---Lord Davidian---

July 26, 2001:

A few words from Shellman about the ease of using the Arcanum WorldED:

"If you just want to make dungeon romps, its pretty easy. If you want to make mods where you have intense dialog trees, you check all kinds of stats to determine responses, you script things like "A monster will appear next to you and try to kill your enemies once you've talked to so-and-so and IF you have the X in your inventory. But only when you walk through doorway Y at midnight" its going to take a lot more work.

I just finished a medium sized dungeon romp. The only scripts are the teleport scripts. (which are 2 lines long and really easy to do) It took me a couple of days to lay out the dungeons the way I wanted, place the monsters, add lots of scenery and make it "interesting". I could have done it a lot faster if I hadn't been so picky and hadn't added lots of scenery.

So what I'm saying is, it all depends on what you want to do."

Thanks Shellman. I certainly look forward to taking full advantage of this remarkable powerful and versatile campaign editor.
---Lord Davidian---

A new page is added to TTC for Tim Cain:

I finally have a page devoted to Tim Cain himself. On it you will find "little known facts about Tim Cain" and "links to interviews with Tim Cain". You can access this humorous and informative page by clicking on his B&W photo on the ABOUT TROIKA page or simply by clicking here. Eventually, I will have a page for the whole team. Guess who's next.
---Lord Davidian---

July 21, 2001:

The ABOUT TROIKA page is now current:

I finally have the entire Troika team's photos and bios completed on the ABOUT TROIKA page (including ACTUAL photos of Jason Anderson and Steve Moret). Also included are Troika's newest team members; Sissie Chang, Tiffany Chu and Scott Jacobson. On a similar note, I arranged the team in alphabetical order for easier reference.
---Lord Davidian---

July 20, 2001:

Another successful developer chat comes to a close:

Well fans, the Troika developer chat is over. I think it went pretty well for my first one (yes, there will be more, so if you missed this one, there's always next time). You can read the edited chat script on the CHAT ROOM page curtesy of skwerly. I would like to thank everyone from Troika for taking the time to answer their fan's many "pressing" questions today. Also, thanks to Sawtooth for the modchat.ini script, to Enclave_Trooper for sending news about the chat's date and time to all the online newsies and to Saint_Proverbious, Heroman, Merlina and the entire TTC staff for assisting with moderating. It was a pleasurable and memorable experience to be sure
---Lord Davidian---

July 18, 2001:

One final update on the developer chat:

Shellman had this to say about the dev. chat on Friday: "So far it looks like we'll all be there. Woohoo! Party time on Friday!!! :-)". Well, there ya have it. This should prove to be one hell of a chat "party"!
---Lord Davidian---

July 17, 2001:

A further update on the scheduled #Troika developer chat:

The chat IS CONFIRMED for 4:30 pm PST (NOT MST) on Friday, July 20th. I still have no confirmation on who exactly from Troika will attend other than Shellman herself, however I am certain it will be the usual gang from other dev. chats in the past. I will, of course, let you know who the others will be ASAP.
---Lord Davidian---

July 16, 2001:

An update on the scheduled #Troika developer chat!:

I have changed the dev. chat to a tentative date of Friday, July 20th. The time will be the same, of course [4:30 pm MST]. I feel that this would allow more time for the word to get out among the online publications and, thus, you the fans. Also, I feel that there would be a larger turn out on Friday. Sorry if this causes an inconvenience. Again, this date is ALSO tentative. I have been assured by Shellman that I would recieve confirmation of the date and time ASAP.

P.S. - I have enlisted the aid of Heroman and Merlina of Dimensions of Arcanum as moderators during this upcoming chat, so E-mailing me your questions is NO LONGER necessary. You can ask them live at the chat! For more information on IRC (In Room Chat) and #Troika, click on the CHAT ROOM link on the left scroll bar. I hope to see you all there.
---Lord Davidian---

A thought-provoking editorial on the consequences of warez:

I have been somewhat preoccupied with other things lately and missed some recent news. For those of you who don't know, Saint Proverbius of Terra-Arcanum wrote a scathing, but eye-opening editorial on July 8th about the unethical consequences of downloading and playing the warez ISO version of Arcanum (a nearly complete version). A definite worthwhile read for both warez users and non-warez users alike. Here is a quote from the editorial: "In other words, Arcanum has shifted from a World Wide Release to World Wide Warez. A lot of people simply won't wait those two months, and they'll just grab it now. This even includes those people who have pre-ordered the game or actually intend to buy it when it comes out." On that note i would like to add a sympathetic plee of my own: If you are a TRUE fan of Troika and/or Arcanum, PLEASE don't warez Arcanum. You would hurt Troika in more ways than you realize. Thank you for your continued support of Troika and Arcanum.
---Lord Davidian---

While we are on the topic of warez badness...:

Jonric of RPG Vault Posted a short article on July 3rd explaining just how much warez-ing hurts the gaming industry. Bravo Jonric!
---Lord Davidian---

The first ever Arcanum portrait gallery site is now up!:

BlackBlade, an avid Arcanum fan, opened the first Arcanum portrait gallery site called Galleria Arcanum. This site provides a large selection of character portraits for use in Arcanum. There are also instructions at the top of the site for those of you who do not know how to use the portraits. Good thinking BlackBlade!
---Lord Davidian---

July 14, 2001:

New Arcanum fan fiction to tied you over by your's truly:

Being the kind of person who seldom finishes what I start, I have written the prologue to YET ANOTHER Arcanum fan fiction. This one is called "The Gentleman Hustler". Check it out on the FAN FICTION page. Don't worry, I'll soon get around to continuing the other two fan fics I started.
---Lord Davidian---

July 13, 2001:

Our own Shards now officially has his site hosted:

Shards' Arcanum fan site, the Tarant Daily, is now hosted by GameStats. On a similar note, Tonurics has joined Plastic_Couch and myself as staff of the Tarant Daily. Congrats to Shards and welcome to TD's happy home, Tonurics. I am currently looking into host options for TTC and will keep you updated when I learn more.
---Lord Davidian---

July 12, 2001:

TTC's guest book is now complete ladies and gentlemen!:

YES! The last of the current Troika team has signed our ever-growing guest book. I would like to thank the academy, my mother and father, Mr. Spielberg, the entire cast and crew...OH! and of course, Jason Anderson and the rest of the way cool Troika team for making my dream come true. You like TTC!...You REALLY like TTC! :-p
---Lord Davidian---

TTC's first developer chat coming soon!:

The Troika Connection will be hosting it's first ever Troika team developer chat on the #Troika chat channel. Questions will center on the Troika team rather than Arcanum itself with Arcanum questions allowed if time permits. The chat is "tentatively" scheduled for Tuesday, July 17th at 4:30 pm MST. I am giving notice now because, other than TTC staff, you will ONLY be able to have your questions asked if you E-mail them to me first at I feel that this is the best approach since this is my first dev. chat. I will select what I feel are the best questions for the time alloted. Thank you and I hope to see you all there.

P.S. - If you have not been to a chat channel before, please follow the instructions on the CHAT ROOM page of The Troika Connection.
---Lord Davidian---


July 11, 2001:

Some New Art:

Ok last news item today I promise! Being inspired today I decided to play around with Flash a little, and came up with a little Flash program that has the Troika Connection logo inside of it and some other artsy stuff. Please check it out and let me know what you think (preferably in the forum). It is located in the Art Gallery Page. Thanks!

An Important Guestbook Visitor:

I Am still making sure that its for real. However if it is I would like to announce that Mr. Leonard Boyarsky has visited our humble site and has added his name to the guest book. A Great Honour!


As many of you have heard, the Troika Team has revamped their website. What many of you may not have realized however is that we are now the first link in the Links page! Congrats to all involved with TC! Here is the link:


July 8, 2001:

I'll be away for four days:

I'll be in Flagstaff from Monday until Thursday on a business/ski trip. TTC will be in the capable hands of MelloJ, Shards and Aldin in the meantime as usual.
---Lord Davidian---


July 6, 2001:

Get to know the "inner workings" of Shellman The Sensational:

Shellman was interviewed today by Jonric of RPGVault. The interview was somewhat lengthy, but interesting. In it, Shellman revealed her background, what it's like for her working at Troika and her thoughts on females in computer games and in the gaming industy.
---Lord Davidian---

A one on one interview with Tim Cain:

Many of you are no doubt aware of the video interview with Tim Cain by Jason MacIsaac of Electric Playground. Well, for those of you with low bandwidths, I have the full interview posted here courtesy of our own Aldin. You can also access the text interview via TTC's new archived interviews systems. All you have to do is go to the about Troika page and click on the portrait of the Troika team member you want to see an interview of. The interviews will be organized in date order.
---Lord Davidian---


July 4, 2001:


The great U S of A is 225 years young today. Have fun, but please celebrate responsibly! Troika needs it's fans.
---Lord Davidian---

July 2, 2001:

TROIKA STRIKES AGAIN!...on TTC's guestbook:

Today Jesse Reynolds, code master extraordinaire, signed TTC's ever-growing guestbook. Be sure to read what he had to say during your visit with us.
---Lord Davidian---

Please welcome Troika's newest team members!:

I have confirmation via E-mail from Tiffany Chu (a.k.a Chubaka) herself that she, Scott Jacobson (a.k.a. wartoy) and Sissie (angryhippo) are now official Troika team members (a.k.a. gods). Scott is an official assistant to Jason, while Tiffany and Cynthia are official junior designers. Congratulations to you all and I wish you all the best.
---Lord Davidian---

Great new look!...same great ummm...taste?:

After much consideration, many changes and alot your basic "messin' around", TTC has a great new look. Of course, that's just my humble opinion. I would very much like to hear what you all think so please, E-mail me or catch me in the #Troika chat room and let me know what you think.
---Lord Davidian---

June 28, 2001:

Another TTC change to confuse you further:

After only a few days, I have already switched TTC's chat room from #TroikaFan to simply #Troika. It had just recently become available and I decided it sounded more 'official'. Sorry for any confussion. I'll DCC ya all a cold one from the chat room to make up for it. ;-)
---Lord Davidian---

The Troika gods have blessed my guest book. YES!:

That's right; Shellman, Tim, Mike, Chad, Steve, Wartoy (Troika in-house tester) and previously Chu have all signed TTC's guest book. Many have commented on the site as well, so please do check it out. Thank you Troika. This means alot to me. :-) P.S. - Leon, Jason, Jesse, and Yong will get around to signing as well...RIGHT?...FELLAS? ;-)
---Lord Davidian---

The official release date of Arcanum:

Just a late reminder for those of you who may not know or who are confused about the actual release date of Arcanum: According to the official Sierra Arcanum site, the game will be released on August 24, 2001 rather than the previous estimate of September 2001. Good news for us because it is sooner and good news for Troika because they will get a head start on the RPG competition.
---Lord Davidian---

June 27, 2001:

You want a song AND you want it to be funny AND you want it to be about YOU?......ok, you got it:

Stravaig, with assistance form our very own Aldin, has put together a hillarious parody about all of us Arcanum/Troika fans called 'Arcanumaniacs'. Check it out, clear your throat and sing along on the Homor page.
---Lord Davidian---

The TTC is proud to present it's newest staff member...ALDIN! YAY!:

Aldin, who for a while now has proven not only his usefulness to TTC, but also his unwavering fanaticisim towards Troika, will now be an official TTC staff member with all the rights and privilages thereof (whatever the hell they may be *shrug*). Please stop by the TTC Forum and welcome Sir Aldin the Correspondent (a.k.a Fly-On-The-Wall).
---Lord Davidian---

Now you can shout out from the highest hilltops your love of all things Troika!:

TTC finally has a chat room of its very own, #Troika. To learn how to access it, please visit the Chat Room page. I hope to see you there often. Also, I posted the edited version of the #Arcanum developer chat of yesterday on the Chat Room page if you happened to miss it or wish to relive the excitment. Soon I will be moderating a devolper chat for TTC and will post details as they become available.
---Lord Davidian---

June 25, 2001:

Finally, a new chapter in the adventures of Delvun Oakwood:

Well, it's been three months now since I last updated my old fan fiction, The Mechanics Of Peace featuring that adventurous and stalwart Elven hero, Delvun Oakwood. Therefore, after hearing numerous requests, I have decided to pick up my pen and continue the epic story. You can read chapter nine (as well as the prologue and chapters 1-8) on the Fan Fiction page. I hope you enjoy it. :-)
---Lord Davidian---

A friendly reminder about the developer chat:

Don't forget Troika fans: Terra Arcanum will be moderating a major developer chat from their chat room, #Arcanum. This highly anticipated event will take place tomorrow at 4:00pm PST. Many Troika big-wig gods are expected, so I hope to see you there. Of course, if you can't make it, you can still read the highlights which I will post on the Chat Room page of TTC.
---Lord Davidian---


 June 21, 2001:

A new TTC exclusive: Troika team fan fiction!:

First of all I would like to say how nice it is to be back. I was away in Germany for a much needed vacation, but neglected to mention it. Anyway, I got back on the 16th and had trouble geting this new sitebuilder MelloJ sent me to work, so I appologize for the lack of updates. Secondly, I would like to thank MelloJ for the wonderful new upgrades he added to the site while I was away. I think you'll agree he did an outstanding job. Last, and perhaps most importantly, I have just finished the Prologue of my new epic fan fic, Troika: Of Personalities And Situations Obscura. It's a parody about the fictional exploits of the Troika team. Check it out on the Fan Fiction page.
---Lord Davidian---

June 13, 2001:

Fun, Sorrow, Adventure:

Ok folks, a rather big update. So Listen Up. Our Friend Aldin, has forwarded his list of Godly Remarks from Mount Troikimpus. Please visit the Humour section for the details. Also! I have finally been able to put up the *LARGE* stories written by Scratch and others. However they have not been formatted yet, but you will see from their lengths that formatting them will take a while :) Check these out in the Fan Fiction section. They are QUITE good! Adios!

June 11, 2001:

Sunburns and other conditions:

I have been at the cottage for the last few days, hence there has been a lack of updates, however I hope to put up a whole bunch of fan fiction that has been so kindly provided by Scratch, ASAP. Also if you have not heard, unfortunately Mark Harrison and Chris Jones have left Troika to pursue their glory elsewhere...hmm I wonder if that means Troika is hiring.....gotta brush up that Resume.

June 3, 2001:

Later that same day.....:

Well if you can see some funky moving stuff at the top, that means my little Flash logo is working...otherwise its all your fault!. :) Kudos to Pauly (a brother of mine) for the Flash Direction.

May 25, 2001:

Better preformance for your site viewing and listening pleasure:

You will, I am sure, be pleased to know that that a few changes have been made to TTC for the better. First,  our forum is now hosted by Terra Arcanum, so traffic is sure to improve ten fold. YAY! Second, I have just fixed all the photos and captions on our site so that they line up correctly no matter how you view them (sorry about the mess). Finally, I fixed the Monkey Magick MP3 so that you you no longer have to download it. All you have to do is click on the "silly monkey playing drums" picture to hear it.

MAY 24, 2001:

If disco is a joke, then this is hilarious:

Ok, for many the days of disco are days best forgotten (myself included). However, I came across a MP3 disco song (with a touch of techno in the begining) which was silly enough for me to put on the "HUMOR" page, yet catchy enough for me to suggest it to Troika as the theme to my proposed title of Arcanum 2: Of Disco And Magick Obscura...LOL. It is called Monkey Magick. Visit the "HUMOR" page and give it a listen. You won't regret it. ;-)

May 23, 2001:

More great photos from E3:

Included are pics of the Arcanum booth and, of course, more pics of the great Troika team. Oh, and these latest pics  were sent in by none other than SHELLMAN HERSELF! Thank you so much for giving us a little glimpse of heaven, Shellman :-). Go to our "ABOUT TROIKA" page and check them out.

Bigger, better, bluer:

No, I'm not talking about a heaping pile of dead smurfs. I speak of the large and nicely done preview of Arcanum from Jin-Ning Tioh of BlueSmoke. This 6 page preview covers every aspect of the game from the opening movie, to the character editor, to gameplay and graphics/sound. It is rather cumbersome for us to include every Troika game preview and at the same time biased to include only certain ones. However, I feel this particular preview is a good place to learn about the basics of Arcanum (as well as Arcanum's official site, of course ;-) for those just now hearing of the game's existance. One warning: Some of the many very nice screenshots are rather spoilerish.

May 22, 2001:

A new page in the epic fan site that is The Troika Connection!:

That's right Troika fans, the "FAN GALLERY" page has been added to your gateway to all things Troika. In it you will find the pictures and names of the many Troika fans which continues to grow everyday! So come on people, send me you pictures! I don't care how ugly you are. I mean...ummm...

Jason goes on a trip, hangs out with old friends and plays some fun games...WHEW! exausting:

Jason MacIsaac, author of the famous (and sometimes infamous) Gamesmania Arcanum Journals, was one of the lucky Arcanum fans to brave the endless crowds of people who swarmed E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, California. He met with four of the Troika team (Michael McCarthy, Jason Anderson, Leonard Boyarsky and Chad Moore) and even took a couple of nice photos of them which I have added to the "ABOUT TROIKA" page (YAY! Finally we have color photos of our heroes!). After several "hard" days at E3 (hmmm...), Jason still had the strength to pick up a pen...err type a brief summary of his experience there.

The first first-hand account of the first day of E3 of the first year of the new milleniun (MAN! That's a whole lot of firsts):

Vincent "Baff" Austin, a reporter for RPGDot, wrote his first impressions about many highly anticipated RPGs he was shown during his first day at E3. Here is what he had to say about Arcanum which was shown to him by Troika's lead programer, Jesse Reynolds:

"You create a character by choosing from 7 races and many character backgrounds, which have both pluses and minuses.  For example, you can have famous parents, which gives you a +1 sword to start with but a bigger penalty to reputation if you should do anything evil.  Of course you can always be a human with no significant background if you don't want any modifications, or you can use one of the pre-made characters and not worry about it.  When you start and everytime you gain a level, you get points to distribute to your skills.  You can specialize in either magic or technology, or stay middle of the road (but that would limit you from the best abilities of either side).  There are about 80 spells and about 55 skills, plus some bonus advanced abilities.  You can acquire a large number of followers (dependant on your charisma).  You can select path of training for each of your followers and change it anytime you want, so that whenever they gain levels, they will automatically distribute their points.  You can also talk to your followers any time you want.  Be careful though, if you kill everyone in sight, some of your followers will leave.  There are several settings for making multiplayer games, such as limiting characters to certain level ranges.  You can also set them up for cooperative play or for player killing."