Welcome To
Mockingbird Hill Ranch
home of
the ramblin' rock-hound

what you will find here
  • a few cows
  • one old dog
  • a bunch of cats
  • one old grouch
  • a rock,fossil & mineral collection

Some things I like to do
I enjoy my rockhound hobby.It is fun to cut into a plain looking rock and see what Mother Nature has hidden inside.One of the things I enjoy most is hunting the rocks. I like all of nature,even the most desolate desert is beautiful to me. I enjoy being a member of the Central Texas Gem & MIneral Society in Abilene Texas.check us out

I also like to fishing ,camping & most anything that will get me into the great outdoors.

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check out this siteTexas Outdoors See my new rockclub pageCentral Texas Gem & Mineral Society THANKS

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