Uri Rubinstein

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3 rue du Tapis Vert
93260  Les Lilas  FRANCE

E-mail: uri@lightdesign.co.il

Work Experience

Freelance lighting designer & technician
1980 - present

Designed hundreds of theatre shows, dance performances, installations & performance art
Long-term working relationship with several fringe groups & acting studios
Experience as stage manager, production manager, and consultant on lighting installations & theatre design
Experience hosting theatre groups from overseas. Assistant to technical director of the Israel Festival ’97

Instructor, Stage Lighting Design - Kibbutz Seminar, Hebrew University, Emunah College, School for Visual Theatre
1995 - present

Create syllabus, teach in classroom & in theatre environment, advisor on student projects

Stage electrician & resident lighting designer - Khan Theatre
1982-84 , 1990-96

Responsible for hanging, focusing & board operation, touring with shows throughout country
Designed numerous productions, assistant to designers on other productions.
Chief electrician for "Romeo & Juliet" co-production with Palestinian El-Kasabeh Theatre
Chief electrician for theatre tours in Moscow, Lille, Paris, Bergen & Zurich

Architectural lighting consultant – Valley Lighting Baltimore

Consultant to private clients, designers, architects & contractors for residential & commercial projects

Technical Director - Behar Centre Jerusalem & Baltimore Theatre Project
1984 - 1986

Responsible for day-to-day running of shows performing in the theatre; maintenance & inventory of all technical equipment; managing technical staff
Resident lighting designer


Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1955. Married, one son

Nominated for Israel Theatre- Prize Best Lighting Design 2000

Twice awarded for lighting design at Akko Fringe Theatre Festival

Founding member of AMBI - Association of Israeli Stage Designers

Member- Academy for Israel Theatre Prize

Former member- Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

Guest lecturer – Bezalel Academy of Art, Ben Gurion University

Also work as freelance PC technical support person & tutor

Fluent in English & Hebrew, some French

Partial List of Performances

HaBima National Theatre – “A Little Drama” Teatronetto Festival 1st prize ’93; "Bash" '00

Khan Theatre Jerusalem - “Side by Side by Sondheim” ’89; “Dinner” ’90; “Zone Libre” ’92; “The Night & The Mountain”

’93;“Rubber Merchants” ’95; “Molly des Sables” ’96; “Transient Shadow”-‘99

Haifa Theatre - "Before the Bride Chokes" ''98; "Goodbye & Good Riddance" '99

Be'er Sheva Theatre - "Master of Two Servants" ''01;

Upper Galilee "Days of Music" Festival '02 - "The Sultan is Pregnant" Etty Ben-Zaken & Eitan Steinberg; "Orfeo ed Euridice" directed by Julia Pevzner

HaZira (HaBama Theatre) – “Sister Bride” Teatronetto Festival ’89; “A House Possessed: ’89; “On Bed & Death” ‘90

T.A.C.T. Community Theater – “The Maids” ’97

J.E.S.T. Amateur Theater – “Private Lives” ’91; “South Pacific” ’91; “Pajama Game” ’92; “A Chorus ofDisapproval” ’93;

“Look Back in Anger” ’93; “Sisters Rosensweig” ’97; “Sylvia” ’98; “Annie” ’98; "Once Upon a Matress" '00

Nissan Nativ Acting Studio – “Six Characters in Search of an Author” ’93; “The Suitcase Packers” ’94;

“The Crucible” ’95; “Eddie King” ’95; “Teal” ’96; “Winnie the Pooh” Children’s Theatre Festival Haifa ’97;

“Blood Wedding” ’98: “The Bear” “The Proposal” “The Festivities”-Chekhov ‘98;

"Oil on Canvas" '99; "Wool Dog" '00

Yoram Levenstein Acting Studio – “Midsummer Night’s Dream” ’93: “Allenby” ’98

Kibbutz Seminar – “The Lost Women of Troy” ’97; “Kroum” ‘98; "Midsummer Night's Dream" '00

Pargod Theatre – “The Last Journey” Teatronetto Festival ’91; “Spider On Herzl’s Forehead” ’98;

“On the Doorstep” ‘99

Mimos Movement Theatre – “Nude Man With Red Cloth” ’93; “Martha” Teatronetto Festival ’95: “Anahi” ’98

Local Theatre – “The Lane of White Chairs” Akko Fringe Theatre Festival 1st prize, lighting design 2nd prize ’97

Tzavta Theatre – ‘Short’ Theatre Festival II, design for 5 one-acts ’98; ‘Short’ III, 3 one-acts ’99;

“Butterfly in a Fist” ’00.

Overseas Performances/Festivals

2002    Laura Herts- "Won Woman Show"

            Cie Caracole- "Bouche Bée"

2000     Laura Herts – “Electric Lazy Land” Festival Theatre de Rue- Chalons-sur-Saone, France;

1997     Laura Herts – “Electric Lazy Land” Festival du Rire, Vaour France

1995     Khan Theatre & El-Kasaba - “Romeo & Juliet” Bergen Norway, Zurich, Paris

1994     Khan Theatre & El-Kasaba - “Romeo & Juliet” Lille France

1993     La Mama – “It Turns” New York

1992     Khan Theatre – “Hevre” & “Lesse-moi T’aimez” Moscow

1991     Jerusalem New Music Ensemble – “Agadot” New York International Festival of the Arts

1990     Jerusalem Theatre Group – “Bruria” & “On Bed & Death” New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

1989     HaBama – “A House Possessed” Altamonte Italy, Zagreb, Belgrade

1985     Baltimore Theatre Project - "Buddies and Bones"


Hebrew University, Jerusalem - 1979-80, History & Philosophy