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    Departed Arrived
  Date Port Date Port
31 Anglia     13-Apr-1891

New York

2 Brig Fortunato   Genoa 9-Jun-49 New York
3 Cachmire   Marsailles 2-Dec 1886 New York
34 Canada 30-Apr-12 Naples 14-May-12 New York
4 Celtic     3-Mar-11 New York
36 Citta di Milano  8-Apr-1907  Naples Apr-28-1907 New York 
5 Citta di Milano   Milano 27-Jun-07 New York
7 Citta di Torino   Naples 1902 New York
27 Darlington   Palermo 19 Dec 1882 New Orleans Philadelphia
8 Europa 8-Feb-20 Palermo   New York
29 Europa 5-Aug-08 Naples 19-Aug-08 New York
9 Ferruccio   Genoa 30-Jul-1851 New York
10 Hohenzollern   Napoli 28-May-03 New York
11 India 31-Dec-1892 Napoli 3-Feb-1893 New York
24 Konig Albert 2-Jun-05 Genoa/Naples 15-Jun-05 New York
28 Konig Albert 15-Mar-07 Naples 30-Mar-07 New York
12 La Bretagne 30-Sep-05 LaHavre, France 8-Oct-05 New York
13 La Provence 4-Mar-11 La Havre, France 11-Mar-11 New York
  Letimbro Palermo 4 Nov. 1886 New Orleans
15 Lombardia   Napoli 22-May-02 New York
16 Madonna 16-Jan-07 Naples 28-Jan-07 New York
17 Neustria   Naples 8-Apr-1893 New York
18 Patria     14-Apr-20 New York
26 Patria 14-Jun-14 Palermo 26-Jun-14 New York
19 Perugia 13-Sep Palermo 26-Sep-13 New York
35 Principe diPiemonte 1-Aug-07 Naples 16-Aug-07 New York
20 Prinzess Irene 13-Oct-05 Naples 26-Oct-05 New York
21 Prinzess Irene 2-Mar-12 Palermo 15-Mar-12 New York
30 Prinzess Irene 26-Mar-09 Naples 9-Apr-09 New York
25 Romanic     6-Mar-05 Boston
32 Saturnia 25-May-28 Naples    
22 Sicilian Prince   Palermo 24-Oct-03 New York
23 St. Michele 20-July-1857 Genoa   New York
33 Taorminia     14-Feb-20 New York


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