In Memoriam

"PoPs" on The Duchess, smoking his pipe

On Friday, September 4, 1998, a dear friend and mentor, William J. "PoPs" Penschow died of a sudden heart attack. Unfortunately, I was not able to make either the viewing on September 8 or the funeral on September 9. I will be adding a memorial page to him here soon. Of my friend and mentor, I would like to say that he was always there to help new riders, and even some with more experience. He was a great source of knowledge and wisdom. Above all, however, he was a great friend and riding partner. I hope you can get to know him a little from the stories I have here and also from the memorial page coming soon. PoPs: may your roads be forever twisty and cager-free. I shall miss you.

On to the rest...

Well, here's a listing of what I've got so far... more will come in the future as I go on more rides.

Rides dated prior to 28 Mar 95 are on a white/black/red 1994 Honda CBR600F2. (Aug, 1994)

Anything after that is on a White/Purple/Yellow 1995 Honda CBR900RR... total squid bike :-)

Guess you're not able to see the photo

Click here to download it. (Apr, 1996)

Click here for the index to the rides of The Lost Boys of nj-cycles.

  • Riding with "The Squids from Hell" (31 Jul 94)
  • Baby Bike Imitates a Harley (4 Dec 94)
  • How to launch a chipmunk (18 Sep 94)
  • Polar Bear Ride, 26 Mar 95
  • How to move, DoD style
  • Meeting new friends (4 Jun 95)
  • Polar Bear Ride, 29 Oct 95
  • Polar Bear Ride, 19 Nov 95
  • "A Comedy of Errors" - Polar Bear Ride, 5 Dec 95
  • No Softbutts Allowed, 5 May 96
  • A CLASS Act, 16-18 June, 96
  • Assault on Deals Gap IV - A Yankee's Point-of-View, 26-30 Sep, 96
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