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Attack of the Cybermen

Cybermen getting destroyed left and right (with a two by four, no less) and of course, trying to destroy Earth with Halley's comet (say what???). You know Who manages to thwart them (again...), but doesn't like what's happening to his chameleon circuit (remember that?).

See Earthshock. Lytton and you know Who "playing" the you know WHAT are about the only redeeming qualities.

Vengence on Varos

The short version: Mary Whitehouse's nightmare.

Enjoyable, but rings totally hollow.

Joe: probably one of the best of the season, but that doesn't say much. It's not a definite best, though.

The Mark of the Rani

Return of the wimpy you know who story. Very wimpy in this one. Yet another try at stopping Earth's scientific development - at a scientific conference. You know who and the cute, evil time lady seemingly get spun to death in the washer at the end.

"When I got this story, it was a piece of $#!T; when I finished, it was just rubbish," said Eric Saward. He's complimenting himself a bit too much there. The only redeeming quality is the cute, evil time lady.

The Two Doctors

"Figaro." You know Who gets lost on his way to New Orleans and finds himself in Seville. He has to rescue Who-self from the potato-heads, and legs and "Legs" from Shockeye before he completely tenderizes the meat and fillets them (pass on the first, then yummmmmmm ;-) ), while Servalan dominates an old friend (exactly how many of them does he have???) of you know Who (we don't mind...). All the bad guys get their just desserts (don't blame us... it's in the story...) and are mothballed afterward (see previous comment). You know Who goes Whoselves' separate ways.

Script editor: JN-T (can't you tell?). 2 and 6 don't get along. Surprised? Not really... and not really up to Robert Holmes's best (is it necessarily his fault, though?).


This doesn't deserve a summary.

"Let me be frank, Herbert...." Yet another Nessie story; one more, and they're up to Atlantis. We'd like to put it in a time loop and be done with it.

Revelation of the Daleks

A Greek chorus for the dead, free food for the cosmos, guinea-pig salt and pepper shakers for Davros, and lots of backstabbing, "make life and death more confusing for the Doctor on the planet Necros."

Louis: Eric Saward mimics Robert Holmes. At long last, he put characters and background into a script!

Joe: Good story, but it left me wanting something more (ahh, for six parters). At least the Davros costume improved from the last time.

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