Well, since we've been accused of it before, and a quite likely to be accused of it again, we decided to give you The Standardized JN-T Bashing Form. Please send everything to ETS in Princeton... you know... where all your SATs, GREs, and other such things go.

Dear ______________:

JN-T is the worst producer Doctor Who has ever had. There hasn't been as good story since "_________________", and there hasn't been a good producer since __________. For instance, why is The Caves of Androzani so good? It has too many problems traceable to the producer, such as only a 2-D cross-section of the mines Sharaz Jek has on the screen. In fact, speaking of Jek, the part is overdone for a madman. Besides, why does the Doctor allow Jek, Morgus, and Stotz to kill each other off at the end? A Doctor like __________ would have found some way to save the situation.

While we're on that, why does the Doctor kill Kamelion? A more caring Doctor than Davison's, like __________, would have found a way to free him from the Master's influence. But now that JN-T is at the helm, WATCH OUT, because the Doctor now will __________ rather than __________.

JN-T now produces the series for the caberets at conventions, such as when he chose __________ for a companion or __________ for the Doctor. The reason he does this, of course, is so he can blow off the good of the show to so some overly expensive, egotistical, pompous-acting convention appearances.

The propensity of JN-T stories to break with continuity is ruining the show. For instance, when __________ happens in "________________", which is incorrect when you think of what __________ said in "_________________." ("_____________________________________________________________________") The classic monsters are ruined by lousy writers, like what __________ did in "_________________". Now, is this really as good as "_________________" written by the great __________.

Indeed, JN-T ruined the best Doctor ever, Tom Baker, and he hasn't cast a good Doctor since. Since he always wants to continue producing the show, he should bring Baker back for life! Then he'd be able to do classics like "_________________" and "_________________", because he'd have a good Doctor to work with again!

But the most annoying thing is that he forces the series to be made for Americans, such as when __________ happens in "_________________", which never would have happened in the golden years of the show under __________, when __________ was the Doctor. I think we should bring back __________ as the producer and Tom Baker as the Doctor, or the show should die now, before JN-T stays on yet another year and does <expletive deleted> to the show. Even though I know you won't print this because __________ and you love JN-T as producer, you MUST publish this.

                   Sincerely Yours,
                   Johnathan Basher, BFD, DWBS

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