Having just read a published Colin Baker era review, we noticed that our era review missed something - a numerical rating of the stories. We have now corrected this oversight. However, we must point out that we don't share some of the views of the people who wrote the book - how they came up with Terror of the Vervoids as the best story of The Trial of a Time Lard, er, Lord is beyond us. Whenever there are two ratings, the first is always Louis's. We wonder if that's significant. The stories are separated by season and are rated on a 1-10 scale, even though one is rated 0.

The Leisure Hive 3
Meglos 1
Full Circle 1
State of Decay 9
Warriors' Gate 6
The Keeper of Traken 5
Logopolis 7

Castrovalva 5
Four to Doomsday 2
Kinda 4
The Visitation 1
Black Orchid 8
Earthshock 8/5-6 (Without Adric's death, 2. We're not kidding. Adric's death clearly adds 3-5 points. :-) )
Time-Flight 4

Arc of Infinity 8
Snakedance 8/6-7
Mawdryn Undead 9/8
Terminus 9
Enlightenment 7
The King's Demons 8
The Five Doctors 9

Warriors of the Deep 7
The Dozing, er, Awakening 1
Frontios 8
Resurrection of the Daleks 1
Planet of Fire 7
The Caves of Androzani 10
The Twin Dilemma 0 (We might actually consider giving this a negative rating - and not because Adric is from the planet!)

Attack of the Cybermen 3
Vengeance on Varos 7
The Mark of the Rani 2
The Two Doctors 7
Timelash 1
Revelation of the Daleks 9

A Fix With Sontarans 10
Slipback 1

The Trial of a Time Lord 1-4 (The Mysterious Planet) 7
TTOATL 5-8 (Mindwarp) 5
TTOATL 9-12 (Terrible, er, Terror of the Vervoids) 1
TTOATL 13 (The Ultimate Foe 1 (Robert Holmes)) 10
TTOATL 14 (The Ultimate Foe 2 (the Dynamic Duo, a.k.a. Pip and Jane Baker - includes episode 13 cliffhanger sequence)) 1

Time and the Rani 1
Paradise Towers 7/5
Echo and the Bunnymen, er, Delta and the Bannerman 4/3
Dragonfire 7

Remembrance of the Daleks 9
The Happiness Patrol 8/5
Silver Nemesis 8
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 9 OK, so TGSITG is a terrible story. It gets more than a 1 just for the opening titles for each episode: Doctor Who - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. We loved it anyway.

Battlefield 9
Ghost Light 7
The Curse of Fenric 8
Survival 7

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