A Fix With Sontarans

Sontarans Nathan and Varl (nee Turner) have a vitrox bomb to blow up the you know WHAT while a "Legs"-less you know Who transports the mouth on legs and a mini-clone aboard. Well, the Sontarans destroy the console room door ("and it wasn't even locked!") after a power cut-off and then wasn't to kill the clone to conquer you know where in their future history. Fortunately, the console is rigged to have them die green again and the mini-clone passes the test "with flying colours." The mini-you-know-Who gets "a genuine, fully-functional, BBB meson gun" for his wonderful job.

Louis: There are lots of great trivia you can get about this if you ask the right people. thanks, JN-T :-)

We aren't even going to TRY to discuss continuity, characterisation, plot, or storyline for this. Who REALLY cares? (We're sure he doesn't)


In fact, JN-T had nothing to do with this. Lucky him. You know Who and "Legs" on Radio 4 deserved better than what Eric Saward gave it, so we're giving it what it deserves...


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