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A position as a programmer or analyst, preferably in a UNIX environment, specializing in, but not limited to, network software development using either ATM or TCP/IP protocols, or UNIX system programming.


Master of Science Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ. Area of concentration: networks and software development. Independent research project involved running the TCP/IP protocol over an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Quartermaster Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, US Army Quartermaster Center and School, Ft. Lee, VA.

Combined Arms and Services Staff School, US Army Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, KS.

Hewlitt-Packard, System and Network Administration I and II.


America On-Line, Reston, VA.
Senior Programmer/Analyst. Assigned to the Enterprise Management group in Operations. Develop various system management and monitoring tools using perl and C. Develop web-based applications using HTML, WebSQL, JavaScript, perl and C CGIs, and the Remedy Action Request Server API. Built a TCP-based substitute for syslogd using sockets and System V message queues; created a perl function for multiplexing operations to run a maximum of a specified number of instances; developed or reworked some utilities for more efficient management of e-mail attachments within the mass storage areas.
(May, 1997 - present)

Interactive Engines, Reston, VA.
Member of Technical Staff. Design and develop applications to run on a Set Top Box using OS-9 and pSOS. Built an API library under these operating systems for accessing e-mail services through the IMAP and SMTP protocols.
(December, 1996 - April, 1997)

Xpedite Systems, Inc., Eatontown, NJ.
Software Engineer. Assigned to a group developing UNIX and Sybase applications for accounting, customer service, sales, marketing, and management. Developed software using C, perl, UNIX shell scripts, and other UNIX utilities to provide various daily, weekly, and monthly accounting reports. Current project is to automate volume discount processing.
(February, 1994 - December, 1996)

Merrill Lynch, New York, NY.
Programmer/Analyst. Assigned to a support programming group to assist and develop database management programs, TCP/IP network communications applications, and other facilities to provide traders with up-to-date price and history information on various securities. Involved heavily with network applications programming on both the VM/ESA and SunOS UNIX platforms in REXX, C, and perl. Developed a TCP/IP network funnel to bring multiple requests to a single thread for communications between UNIX and Perkin-Elmer systems under SunOS UNIX using Berkeley Sockets. Completed in-house course on UNIX SVR4 system administration, and occasionally assisted with diagnosing system software configuration problems.
(February, 1992 - November, 1993)

Automatic Data Processing, Roseland, NJ.
Associate Programmer. Assigned to the Automation section in Mainframe Development in the VM/CMS environment, working on the Production Management Facility (PMF) and the Source Management Facility (SMF). Designed and programmed a system of menus for job submission and data entry using REXX and EXEC2.
(March, 1990 - January, 1992)

The Johns Hopkins University Homewood Academic Computing, Baltimore, MD.
Terminal room proctor. Duties include aiding users with problems on IBM VM/CMS, AT&T System V UNIX, and DEC VAX/VMS, removing printouts from line and laser printers, and care of the printers.
(September, 1986 - May, 1989)

US Army Reserves. Current assignment: Individual Ready Reserve
Current rank is Captain. Have served as the S4 (Primary Staff officer for Logistics) in the 354th Transportation Battalion and the 324th Military Police Battalion, and Platoon Leader and Company Executive Officer of the 618th and 766th Quartermaster Companies. Served a tour in Operation Desert Shield/Storm with the 766th Quartermaster Company (Repair Parts).
(May, 1989 - present, total Army Reserve time)


Sun SPARCStations; HP Workstations; AT&T 3BX series, including the 3B4000; IBM 30XX and 43XX series mainframes; Intel 80x86

Operating Systems
SunOS UNIX 4.1.x, UNIX System V Release 3 (AT&T), System V Release 4 (Solaris 2.x, HP-UX 10.x, and DG/UX); RedHat Linux 6.1; VM/ESA 1.1 CMS Release 7; VM/SP, VM/HPO, and VM/XA CMS Release 5; MS-DOS 5.0 and DR DOS 6.0; IBM OS/2 3.0 ("Warp"); Microware OS-9; Integrated Systems pSOSystem

Programming Languages
C, perl, REXX, Pascal, FORTRAN, EXEC2, some System/370 Assembler, some Intel 80x86 Assembler, Bourne shell (UNIX sh), Korn shell (UNIX ksh) script, HTML, WebSQL, JavaScript

Network Systems

Database Systems
Sybase and SQL/DS

Software Packages
Emacs, vi, nroff/troff, tbl, and eqn; Berkeley Sockets; RXSOCKET, XEDIT; Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word for Windows, Borland C++, WatCom C/386, Borland Turbo Assembler, and Harvard Graphics


Furnished upon request.

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