Cosby's Pedigree


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Van Oorschot's Toro ARM
Ch. Texas Contender of Wyndsor ARM Volant Trilby of Wyndsor ARM
Queenie's Mister Contender ARM ORC Sudin Premier Crackerjack
Allegro Aria Nova Am. FCh CD Sundance Just Jody FCh
Queenie's Mister Mud-Slide JC OTRM UK Ch. Charmoll McTavish
Ch. Chatwig Chinook FCh. Houghtonhill Omega of Chatwig
Wheatland Prairie Queen Am. FCH
Volant Rapp of Wyndsor
Willoughby of Wyndsor ORC LCM Regalstock Vampire ROM
Ch. Capetown Cosmopolitan
CD FCHX RNCL OTRM SR CGN (ORC ptd) Presto v.d. Schicht
21-May-00 Flyer of the Crackerjacks (GER) FCH ARM ORC Daffodil of the Crackerjacks
Whoapat's Riverboat Gambler
Ringdove Warlord FCHX
Whoapat's Water Lily White Lace FCH
FC Loughren White Rain Am. FCH OTR Flyer of the Crackerjacks (GER) FCH ARM ORC
Ch. Loughren Niklby of Wyndsor CD FChX LCM Dynasty of Wyndsor ARM ORC
Ch. Loughren's Cachet FCH
Chaparral's Barje Jigolo
Cachet's Capri Flyaway Delisa's Delight ARM ORC