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Cosby and Ashley

Hello!   This site currently consists of 3 pages of clipart that you can access via the links above.  The clipart on this site is free for non-profit use, such as personal web pages, club newsletters and premium lists. Use for rescue fundraising is always permitted and encouraged.  You may modify the designs into another format i.e. paintings, stained glass, as long as you don't sell the original digital images.   These clips may not be sold or be included into any clipart collection without my express permission. All clipart by Lorraine Andrusiak, Langley, BC, Canada. If you use these images, a credit is always appreciated.   Thanks to Celeste Wilcox for allowing me to use some of her lovely photos as models for some clips. 
Most of the images are designed and formatted to be printed, and don't necessarily display very well on-screen.  If you think you might like an image, download it and try printing it to see what it really looks like.
This site is dedicated to the whippets of my heart, Ashley (Ch./Alt. Ch. Loughren's a Finestkind, FCHX, Am. FCH. OTR CGC) and Cosby (Ch. Capetown Cosmopolitan CD FCHX CGN SR OTRM ).

I'll be adding images to this site as I create them. Please check back for new stuff! 

portrait by Sheena Wilkie, Sheena Studios, Surrey, BC

Ch./Alt. Ch. Loughren's A Finestkind FCHX Am. FCH CGC OTR


Ashley has the grace of a deer, the manners of a lady and the spirit of a hunting falcon.  She has earned over 750 lure-coursing points in very tough competition, and was the #4 lure-coursing whippet in Canada in 1996.  She is also, as far as we know, the first whippet ever to earn an Altered Champion title in Canada.
Ash was our very first whippet, and also our first purebred dog of any breed.  Her calm and gentle nature makes her a favorite of young children in particular. Ashley is retired from competition and in her senior years is now concentrating on her passions - stuffed fuzzy toys and vanilla ice cream. 

Ch. Capetown Cosmopolitan CD FCHX RNCL CGN OTRM SR   CERF WP-1919

portrait by Sheena Wilkie, Sheena Studios, Surrey, BC

Welsh legend tells of the pack of white hounds with red ears that run through the clouds in the Wild Hunt.  To date, Cosby has shown no sign of supernatural powers.  However, he is a very talented lure-courser who earned his Field Champion title with a first and two seconds in his first three trials, against top competition.  He promptly repeated this feat in Obedience, earning his CD in his first 3 trials. 
Cosby comes from from multipurpose lines and also competed successfully in conformation showing and NAWRA straight racing, and has earned Oval Race Champion points on the oval track (NOTRA).   High points of his career include winning Best Puppy at the NAWRA/NOTRA Nationals Fun Match in 2001, and winning BOB at the Canadian National Whippet Specialty Lure Course, also in 2001. 
Cosby suffered a career-ending fall in a lure-coursing accident shortly after his 3rd birthday, and is now unable to run due to a permanent injury to his carpal joint.  At the time he was injured, he was running as an 'A' grade racer on the oval track. His injury also ended his career in CKC Obedience, as his vet has prohibited him from jumping.  Cosby has now turned his attention to CARO Rally Obedience, where he will not be required to jump in order to participate. 
Cos has some distinguished relatives, including his sister Vanna (Capetown Vanity Fair Am. FCH ORC), his mom Molly (FC Loughren White Rain Am. FCH, #1 AKC lure-coursing whippet in 1997) and his paternal aunts Becca (Queenie's Wave Runner ARM, SORCII, ARX, AmFCh, FD ) and Flame (Ch. Queenie's Hearts A Fire, ORC, ARX, CRX-V, DPC, Am FCh).  Cosby is a happy and sensitive boy who always greets his friends with a grin and a waving tail.    
Cosby earned his CARO Rally Novice (Cum Laude) title, making him the very first whippet to earn a Canadian Rally Obedience title.  True to form, he earned his title in his first 3 trials.  He has now earned two Advanced-level legs and is awaiting his third.  Cosby has been completely clicker-trained and has never worn a choke-chain. 

portrait by Sheena Wilkie, Sheena Studios, Surrey, BC

Click below to see Cosby's pedigree!

Cosby's Pedigree





Lobree photo


Cosby's favorite trick - fetching his dinner bowl


Lobree photo

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