To The Protesters of the


10/21/2000 - 10/31/2000

"We are now reminded to be aware of our place upon this earth
and to fulfill our obligations to ourselves, our families, nations, the
 natural world and to the Creator.

The words say we are to awaken, stand up, be counted
for you are being recognized in the spirit world."

To all who supported the Blue Clan Echota Tribe in their
efforts to protect the burial ground of the ancients.

People from all over the world joined our brothers in spirit.
There are so many, all of their names can not be listed, to all of
over 3600 people who signed the petition, it is an honor to stand
with you and our brothers.

To the new friends that have been made during this time:

Fire Eyes and Lakota Good Hands Woman, Sister Warriors
and Protest Leaders

Especially to the following "Webbies" for their support on their
Web Sites.

Night Badger
Two Dogs
Cougar Heart
Evening Rain

James Windwalker Johnson

Special Thanks to the following individuals and organizations
for their support on their websites, their assistance in Email
contacts to assist us in making the public aware. Please
take the time to visit their sites. Click on the name. 

The League of the South 
Waya Yelloweyes

Silent Bear's Den - Isaac Saldana  


Crash Writers Guild - Crash The Blackheart 

Cherokee Proud - Dr. Tony Mack McClure

Pathfinder - Laurel Ridge Lenape'wak 

Polish American Indian Friends Movement 
Dariusz R. Kachlad (Derek)

Tennessee River Band of Chickamaugan Cherokees
David Brown

CraftELady's - Gifts & Collectibles

K. Rusty Williams - Swamp Injuns Lodge

Elain Raper - Oustanding Opportunity for Your

Vin Vinson - Vin's Place

Terri Jean, The Turquoise Butterfly

Autumn Flame

Cindee Delgado 
Magic Web & Business Design Web Sites
Specializing in Custom Web Design Sites

Edward Reynolds - "The Warrior"

Maria Parisi

Trembling Dove

Firehair Shining Spirit

Otahyoni - Tuscarora
David Birdsell

J-R Inc.

Patricia Quinn
Family Photos

Brian Corntassel

Raven Weaver
Join Smoke Signals, Voice of the People
Native American Newsletter

Dr. Crow's Ani Yunwiya Home Page 


Long Rider - BearVisions

Patricia Delano-Neagle, Concerned Citizens 
of Virginia. Fighting for Environmental Justice

Sandra Anihinga Dilday Gardner
Tribal Child Welfare Representative
The Sovereign Nation of the Oklevueha Band of
Seminole (Yamasee) Nation
Orange Springs, Florida
Helen Jackson

Melissa Jacobs

Regional Action Group for the Environment, Inc.

Eileen R. Van Tassell
345 Natural Science Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1115

James R. Burnes
Red-Eagle Colvin, Mvskokee Creek
Dawn Jones
Perry Griffin
Patrick O'Riordon
Ronda Little Deer
J. T. Dunhill
'Dria El'
Dodie Finstead
Kim Collins, Choctaw Citizen
Steve Shotts

Charlene Tuckaleechee Story, 
Principal Chief, 
Cherokee Tribe of North East

Reverend L. Lisa Harris
Sacred Oak Circle of the Universal Life Church

Members of TERRA
Tacoma Earth Religion Revivalist Association

Members of UUAT'S
Earth Centered Spirituality Group

 Kristen Hawley's version of Amazing Grace

The following symbol was created by Cougar Heart for
the Echota people.

Wa'do, Peace and May God Bless each and everyone.

To the world, remember we are all one in the Circle.

Sun Spirit