Buangkok Blues
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16 December 2003
Buangkok Blues (as featured on Sunday Times, July 27 2003)
No, it's not the shut MRT station that's making residents of this sleepy area sad. It's the impending loss of their laidback kampung lifestyle to redevelopment. (ST) Still, not many can pinpoint where Buangkok is exactly, Strcitly speaking, Buangkok is a small housing pocket sandwiched between Sengkang and Hougang. (ST)
Buangkok consists of just seven blocks of four-storey walk-up Housing Board flats with about 355 units in all. Assorted fruit trees -- from mango and jackfruit to papaya and banana -- sprout haphazardly here, while bicycles and weather-beaten furniture dot the walkways. (ST)
Blocks 1 to 5 in Buangkok South Farmway 1 were built in 1978. Blocks 206 and 207 in adjacent Punggol Road were erected eight years later.
These old blocks will be torn down soon to make way for new HDB flats.


Residents will vacate their homes by the end of 2003 and resettle in new units at nearby Compassvale Lane.