Dakar Submarine


On the 29th of May 1999, after 31 years, the submarine Dakar was found.  It was said that the Yaltam (Special Underwater Assignment Unit) would participate in the search for Dakar after it was thought that the submarine was in shallow waters.

I will never forget the day that Yuval came home all excited and said: "Mom, they promised us that in summer Ď99 they will let us participate in a search team for the Dakar. You know, this would be a dream come true - to find the submarine and bring peace at last to all those poor families who donít know what happened to their loved ones".

I must say that Yuvalís excitement was contagious.

Yuval did not fulfill his dream because he was killed on February 2nd 1999 while diving to examine the bottom of the ship "Zim Adriatic".  The propeller was activated in spite of the regulations that were in force, and propeller blade hit Yuval.  Yuval lost consciousness as a result of the blow, he drowned and died.

On May 29th 1999 the Dakar was found. One of the members of the American search team that found the submarine deep under the sea was Reuven Rosenblatt, Yuvalís unit member who managed to make Yuvalís dream come true.