Yuval Loewy   1979-1998

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Yuval was born on 30/01/79 in RAMBAM hospital in Haifa, raised in Romema neighborhood in Haifa, went to Hila kindergarten that was near Romema School. After that he was raised for a few years in Denia neighborhood and went to Einstein elementary school. When he moved to Einstein Street in Ahoza, he went to Alliance School and graduated.

Yuval was a kid who liked life, he traveled a several times abroad: to the Safari in Africa, to the United States and to Cyprus. He liked motorbikes (a thing that had took many hours of sleep from us, the parents), ate endless amount of Pizza, drank Coca-Cola and smoked Marlboro.

In the family unit Yuval was a sensitive kid who loved the family, loved his brother Or and his sister Moran and loved very much his nephew Daniel.

Among his friends he was a social type who always liked to help. Only after his death his friends told us how much of a dominant character he was, we reveled that he was nicknamed the “Boss” of the gang. He was nicknamed like that not because he was aggressive in any way, but because each and every one of his friend loved him dearly.

In high school Yuval met Klila and became her boyfriend for a year, until he passed away on 18/2/98.

Yuval was a sports lover and he loved playing basketball, football, tennis and loved very much bowling.

In the army Yuval served in the navy. Part of his job was to check the “Zim Antarctic” ship that arrived from Port Sa’id. Although that according to the procedures it was announced that divers are checking the ship, the propeller was turned on, and hit Yuval. He was killed immediately.


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