How do you write an obituary for Yuval?

How do you bid farewell to a cousin?

Hoe do you say goodbye to a nephew?

How can we bear the pain of the loss of Yuval?

How does the Almighty take from us a boy of only 19?

How do you explain that 19 years have ended which have hardly begun?

How can we rationalize our grief?

How can our hearts be rational?

Why is there no rationality and only pain?

How is there no forgiveness in our hearts?

How is it we will never meet again?

How do we comfort those that mourn you?

How do we comfort your friends?

How are there no words to heal?

How is it we cry and think when sleeping?

How is it that there is no explanation to help us go on?

How do we come to terms with a fate devoid of compassion?

How was it that until Wednesday we felt so strong?

How did we feel we were always so courageous?

How we will carry on missing and remembering you?

How were we not given a chance to tell you how much we love you?

How did we never tell you what a sweet guy you are?

How did we never say how proud we were of you?

How is it you have gone never to return?

How is it that someone above thinks we can cope with all these questions?

And how ......