My Yuval, Our Yuval


We love to hear the knock on the front door and the ring of

The bell. They bring us our loved ones, relatives and friends.

Only of one knock are we afraid. That knock -

That cursed knock that turned our lives upside-down

That felt like a stab in the heart and left us numb.

Our hearts carried on beating, frozen in fear.

My Yuval, Our Yuval, the “angel” of The Unit, the

“boss” of your buddies, smiling, good-hearted.

Who would have believed that Yuval, on the 50th birthday

Of Israel, would turn in to a real angel. A tragic death.

Pointless. Foolish. Careless. Which cuts through to the bone.

We miss you. We hold your clothes close to our face

To feel your smile. We touch them to maybe feel the

Warmth of your body.

You are not here but we feel your strength and presence.

Daniel is searching for you. Klila feels lost without you.

And we're thrashing like waves in the sea, the sea you

Loved so dearly.

Now you're sailing on a different sea. It is also blue, but

A different blue. And we hold our hands out to touch you for a last time.

Be at peace, my Yuval. We are together deep in our hearts.

We'll seek you, speak to you, tell stories and listen,

Weep and grieve.

From now our yearning for you will grow and grow

Just as you should have done

Our Yuval