On The First Anniversary Of Your Passing


In the dictionary it is written that Yuval means a river stream.

A place where flow is a matter of course.

There are days when the water is strong and it foams.

It flows with strength and pride. On other days the

Flow is quieter, fainter but always full of vitality.

In you, Yuval, we can see many facets of water.

Your ruddy cheeks which demand a friendly pinch.;

Your eyes burning with fire, laughing widely.

In contrast to that natural turbulence

Was the calm and patience of a true leader.

You were a magnet to your friends who came

For encouragement and advice and to partake

Of your love of life

That your wise leadership caused you to share.

The youthfulness throbbing in you manifested itself in

“Human errors” such as high-calorie pizza, Marlboro

Cigarettes, a bubbling glass of coke and riding

Your motorbike.

It’s strange –its just the motorbike that disturbed our

Peace of mind. The fact that in the military you were apparently safe –

during the last year we didn’t worry about you.

Maturity and wisdom showed themselves in your

Relationship with Klila. You spoke about marriage

As though you wanted to do everything quickly

And early before…

You were a wonderful son, the object of our pride

And joy.

A wonderful brother and exemplary uncle.

Maybe it is accidental - and maybe not - that the

Alphabet letters making up your name signify

Revival, birth and vibrant life.

The same letters also carry the year in which you were taken away

From us.

The 50th anniversary of the birth of Israel.

Dear Yuval, you are flowing somewhere else now,

Surely the angels surround you are as numerous as the

Freckles on your face, and they all gaze upon you

With adoration;

They all hold a pizza in their wings, puff on a heavenly

Marlboro, sip Coca-Cola and roll around in hearty laughter.

Fly away little bird, and watch over us because without you we

Feel too grown up.