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As promised a while ago we did put up the 2 pictures sent to us by a student from Nijmegen. The upper 2 pictures are the originals of the over-flying craft. The pictures below are enhancements created by A.U.R.A. and give a much clearer view of the disc-shaped UFO. Enjoy...

THE SWISS "CONTACTEE"-CASE OF EDUARD "BILLY" MEIER __________________________________________________

The many chrystal-clear UFO-pictures and films the Swiss 'contactee' Eduard A. Meier ('Billy' to his followers) made in the seventies enjoy a world-wide fame. According to some people, even UFO-researchers this is the best documented UFO-case in history. We at A.U.R.A. however are most certain of the fact that it's the greatest UFO-HOAX in history!

And we didn't only come to that conclusion based on the quality research of Dr. Bruce Maccabee that showed that the "beamship" on an 8mm. film shot in 1975 was a model attached to a wire.

Also, a tree depicted on this film, wasn't on the place anywhere on the actual location. When Meier was confronted with this this was his reply: The pleiadians beamship killed and afterwards removed the tree.. Just imagine the view...

For a detailed report of the greatest UFO-hoax of all times, check our Special "Billy" Meier page!

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Other Research

The Case of the North Sea UFO

On april 27th 1998 an article appeared in the British press. In this article it was described how a 'huge triangular(?) object' appeared on radar at the Fylingdales Royal Air Force base. Then the journalist went on and decribed a chase with english Tornado-jets. These were sent out to try to intercept the UFO. The UFO alledgedly shot off with speeds up to 24.000 km/h across the North Sea. The dutch Air Force was alarmed and sent two f-16 fighters to intercept the unknown object aswell.

The investigation:

As a dutch UFO-group we decided this should be interesting enough to run a little investigation on this. From our british collegue Phillip Mantle we recieved the news that Alan Patterson, spokesman of the MoD, had announced the claims of the reporter were false. His informant, according to Patterson was a certain mr. Phillip Burden, an ex-employee for the RAF. He left under unpleasant circumstances, we were told, he has tried to discredit the RAF in public before.

At first we had our doubts about the explanation given to us by MoD. Ofcourse they weren't going to say: " Oh, sure we chased a UFO over the North Sea last week..." But since the newspaper-article also claimed the dutch Air Force was present on these events, we decided to give them some calls. From our source within the dutch militairy we recieved an internal phonenumber of the radar-base in Nieuw Millingen. A friendly captain answered the phone. She told us she wasn't allowed to speak to us if they would've seen something, but a little further along the conversation she told us: "Well, like I said, I'm not allowed to give you any information I've something was seen, but I guess, that doesn't apply when NOTHING was seen, and to my information nothing happened, not that I know of..."

That was more information than we thought we would get at first. Allthough it wasn't enough to dismiss this case. The militairy that says it hasn't seen anything isn't too trust-worthy now is it? Anyway, since we only had dialed an internal number, we thought it would be a good thing to call the MoD in Holland, the main-number of the dutch Air Force and since we have excellent connections within the civilian dutch Air Traffic Control, we wanted to call them aswell. If a gigantic UFO at ludicrous speeds ,travels over the very small North Sea Canal, Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol, civilian) MUST have seen something too. Or at least one of the incoming pilots should've been rapporting an UFO.

How the dutch militairy gets rid of UFO-Researchers:

Calling the militairy didn't shed any light on the events that occured (or not) above the North Sea. We DID learn a great deal about the dutch militairy treats UFO-researchers and the way they handle UFO-reports. Not only A.U.R.A. but also the dutch radio-show "Dossier X" had their hoasts calling the Air Force. Both did practically no information and in both cases the same, rather lame excuse was used: "We do not want to get into this X-files crap. We've been called by so many UFO-IDIOTS and we don't have the time for this. We have had enough of all these weirdos calling in and wanting UFO-information, that's all we have to say." Even though we tried calmly to explain to them there is a difference between serious UFO-research and simple believe. But that didn't help, they kept insisting they didn't track or chase any UFOs. And even if they did they wouldn't tell us! Your typical militairy logic...

After this somewhat dissapointing experience, we decided it might be useful to check the civilian radar-resources. We called the Air Traffic Control at Amsterdam Airport. There they checked out their records over the entire month of april, called us back the next day with following message: "We are sorry to announce that, allthough we searched everything NO UFO was recorded over the North Sea." The bureau for Air Traffic safety also checked their data for us and called us back the next day with the same message.

This all led us to the following: There are obvious rumours the source of the involved journalist wasn't very credible. The sources A.U.R.A. checked out, militairy as well as civilian didn't know about anything about the story nor did the detect anything strange on radar. Eventhough we doubt the information of the militairy we are certain the civilian ATC would've told us if they knew anything. We can know so because this has to be proven a fact in the past.

Conclusion: There was no North Sea UFO as was described in the british press, april 27th, 1998.