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It appears simple to synthesize GHB but it is not easy to produce a consistent quality product. Industrial grade NaOH (Drano) is cheap and available and extremely toxic. There are cheap and toxic solvents available everywhere. It is easy to contaminate the ingredients if the proper tools are not used. 

The GHB from this alchemist is 99% pure made using lab grade apparatus and from ACS (American Chemical Society) standard reagent grade ingredients. That means they have been assayed and the percentage impurities listed (<3% for NaOH and <1% for Lactone). I personally calculated the LD50 (Lethal Dose 50 is the dose needed to cause fatality in 50% of a test population of rats or mice - it is measured in amt/body weight and is an industry standard for toxicity) for each of them and you'd be more at risk standing at an busy intersection at noon. You couldn't eat enough to harm yourself.He said he started out with semiconductor grade (99.9 %) ingredients but they cost 7-8 times as much for a tiny bit more purity and that made it impractical.

Oh yeah, there is a cool secret in his formula- mineral ascorbates and citrates. These are the buffered, most usable forms of vitamin C and C complexes for our bodies.

I and my friends have been using this product for personal research for over 3 years with great results. I have not found a better product for a better price so far. If you want some, you have to EMAIL him directly for details.


How To Identify Bogus GHB Suppliers and Recipes.

I've surveyed the recipes available on the Net and the so-called "Masters" of GHB. As an organic chemist let me say that its mostly all jive.

Clue 1: Any thing that calls for throwing a strong base and acid suddenly together and.... "careful.... it might violently boil" ??? It WILL boil and like maybe splash NaOH , an extremely caustic substance, all over, say your skin or your eyes. Jesus... even high school chemistry safety protocol says never, ever, do that. Slow and careful, drop by drop is the way. Stupid to the point of extreme danger.

Clue 2:Any that call for just water as a solvent or no refluxing (heating) is short changing you in terms of yield. I get a yield of something in the range of 130-140 grams of GHB per 100 ml of lactone/45 grams of NaOH using textbook alcohol reflux procedure,(ref.CA 59:11234e) My clients get 120 grams without lab apparatus.

Clue 3: GHB will precipitate (solidify) in water. Not true. Period. GHB is hygroscopic, meaning it loves water and will combine with it wherever it finds it, like even in the air. No brainer.

Clue 4: The use of terms such as "food grade" and "pharmaceutical grade" in describing purity of these chemicals. They sound impressive but refer only to sanitation standards of processing equipment, bacteria is not an issue in industrial chemicals.

Modern Day Alchemy.

I try to live by the principles and traditions of alchemy. In traditional parlance it is said that this would be the seeking of The Philosopher's Stone, the Medicine Of Metals, The Fountain Of Youth, The Holy Grail, Ultimate Wisdom and True Love; which variously turns lead into gold, grants eternal life and a host of other goodies. In fact, it is the alchemist who seeks to be transformed from the common lead of mortal illusion to the pure gold of enlightenment through doing The Great Work which is the Transformation of all of humanity.

Modern day alchemists work with many different techniques. Information is one of them. It is my theory that GHB represents a key to certain internal information we all possess.

It is difficult to determine who's real out there. But the clues are there. Those with eyes will see. Use the right criteria and choose well, for this path is not without dangerous wrong turns and dead ends.

God bless you, my friend.



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