Places in the Amber Universe

This list of shadows and other places in the Amber universe was copied from the Amber FTP site. It is a relatively thorough index of the multiple shadows and places listed in the Amber series; however, you might note that there are also several which are not from the book which came from a previous Amber RPG. If one or more sites are not listed here, please send me the name and a brief description , and I will add it to the list (this includes places created in the World Weavers Amber RPG).

Abyss Diega Logrus
Shadow Aeradel Dworkin's Study Shadow Lorraine
Shadow Amber Shadow Earth Shadow Merinsholme
Arbor House Shadow Elysiaum Shadow Mirage
Forest of Arden Eregnor The Well at Mirate
Shadow Airea Shadow Esglendil Shadow Mortaille
Shadow Argent Faeilla-Bionin, the 
Stairway to Rebma
Shadow Avalon Fire Gate River Oisen
Shadow Avernus Garnath, Vale of Shadow Paris
Baylesport Shadow Ghenesh Pattern, the
Begma Grove of the Unicorn Shadow Prismatic
Shadow Buffalo Hall of Mirrors Shadow Rampant
Shadow B'hellamair Shadow Heerat Shadow Rassilon
Castle Amber Isles of the Sun Rebma
Shadow Clea Kashfa Shadow Sandle
Shadow Clymidea Keep of Four Worlds Shadow Texorami
Courts of Chaos Shadow Lear Thelbain
The Dark Design Lighthouse of Cabra Tir-Na Nog'th


Note: It came to my attention just as I was finishing this page that there is another list with more places. Click here.