by Kurahia
(translated by Eserine)


Ningenkai, or Makai, wherever angels are, it is heaven for me-------------

One day morning he asked me: Do you believe in god?

At that time, the window was half opened, first rays of the sunshine and the
chirping of the birds drifted in the room.

I answered without any hesitation: Yes.

Then where is he?  Have you ever seen him?  He looked very doubtful and

No, I haven't seen him.  But I know there are angels, since angels exists,
god must exist to.  Otherwise whose Gospel would the angels transmit?

What does angels look like?

That's very easy, I can describe one in very through details.

Look, he does not have any wings, or any halos, but his eyes are clearer
than anyone, smiles sweeter than anyone.  He would study so hard every night
to 3 o'clock in the morning and go to school even when he has a fever.
Sixteen right now, and in high school.

And called Sensui Shinobu--------------

A pillow was thrown over to my face.

Nonsense!  He derided annoyingly: How do you prove I am an angel?

Angel does not need proofs.  I said, angels are evidence themselves,
everyone knows that, see, in Mary's dream, she never asked Gabriel to prove
any identity, how does she know he was an angel?


He said, to hell with you, I have to go to school, you never answer any of
my questions seriously.

I smiled, did not tell him the real proof.

Years later, he asked me the same thing:
Do you still believe I am an angel?  After I killed so many innocent lives,
after I want to perish human kind?  A person like me, still counts as an angel?

The expression in his eyes pained me.

All the same.

I told him, you are only following God's order, doing things you were
destined to do, God never took cared of his people, gave them bless at the
same time receive more compensate.

In order to let Moses escape from Egypt, the death angels took many innocent
lives, Jesse's birth was not brought by precious oil, it was brought by the
blood of those children.

He turned his gaze down.  Thank you, Itsuki.  He said softly, though I don't
know why, but no matter what I do, you are always supporting.

I was silent, wanting to say something but just can't.

Now he never asks again, in this world, I alone repeated the words for him,
again and again.

Heaven is where angels are.

Anyway you are, it's heaven for me.
---The end---