Et Cetera...

Incomplete fics (probably never to be completed) or fics not posted for some reason or other.

Untitled fic 1 (King of Fighters)
A fic set after the confrontation with Orochi, in which Iori loses his memory and Kyo goes looking for him.

Untitled fic 2 (Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman)
Gatchaman yaoi fanfic, Ken/Katse/Joe. No beginning, jumps straight to the middle, no ending.

Yet another untitled fic (Yu Yu Hakusho)
A conversation between Kurama and an unknown person.

A Lake in the Forest (Rurouni Kenshin)
An Oniwabanshuu fic. Hannya reminisces about the first meeting between him and Aoshi.

Glass (King of Fighters)
Yaoi fic between Iori and an original character, set before KoF 95. Can be found at Silver Rayne's Kinetic Realm (now where's that link... *mumble mumble*)

Moments of Oblivion (King of Fighters)
4 AM in the morning and Kyo thinks about things. Yaoi.

For those who emailed me asking me to write fics about Dragonball, Flame of Recca, Ronin Warriors, etc... well, I don't watch these anime so I don't know much about them, sorry ^_^. Actually, I have watched Dragonball, but let's not get into that.

Fanfics I'd like to see

Aoshi/Misao (my favorite couple!) fanfic in which everyone stays in character (Misao is not angst-ridden! And she doesn't descend into depths of despair just because Aoshi doesn't show any feelings for her! So there. :P), or at least gracefully out of character.

Slam Dunk yaoi fanfic in which everyone stays in character (i.e. no bursting into tears at the drop of a hat) or at least gracefully out of character.

King of Fighters fic which has Iori in it, is grammatically correct, and has good characterization (I blame the HK manhwa for the power-hungry berserker maniac Iori). Yaoi or otherwise, I don't care. Failing that, any Iori fanfic will do!!! ^^;;;

FFVII fanfic with good Sephiroth characterization.

Inuyasha fanfic with an in-character Sesshoumaru, preferably exploring the relationship between those two.

Any Jigoku Sensei Nube fanfic!

If you've written any of the above, or you know where they can be found, drop me a line! ^^

Fic recommendations... coming up... probably.

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