The Heroine of the Yangs


The Heroine of the Yangs or Mok Kwaiying is a live-action period drama series in Cantonese, set during the Song Dynasty time period in China. It's got a tough, inevitably beautiful, no-nonsense heroine who takes no crap from man, woman or animal; a love triangle; court intrigues galore; a manipulative, highly intelligent, incredibly fascinating villain (who has the honor of being the reason I watched the series ^^), and a secondary love story (between the villain and a servant girl of the Yangs) which is more interesting than the main one. If you don't know anything about the series, please go here for a summary. Otherwise the fic will be absolutely senseless to you ^^. Well, actually, it's less a summary than my opinions and ramblings, but there are actually some factual information there ^_^. It has also got all sorts of reasons (read excuses) for my spelling of the names, a tiny bit of historical info, and pics of the main characters.



I Remember Rain
Set after the end of the first part of the series.

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