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          Welcome to my Urban Decay  page, I've decided
     to branch off the pages so that people do not have
     to wait for the entire deal to load. Enjoy.As most
     of you know, Urban Decay i s my favorite Cosmetics 
     Company.This is my little "ode" to the fine people
     @ Urban Decay.       

          This page is  going to get  an entire  rehaul 
     from top  to tails. New  scans-reviews  and  more.
     In  the  interim,  check out UD's site for the new 
     spring line.

All new scans and updated product list hereby May 2000!

          Check out the  new goods for the winter season.

Oi! There is now available foundation and concealer especially brilliant because the concealer comes with a green tint which is helpful for taming redness.

New UD stuff @ their site! Check it out plus rehauled old polish Some new products are: Stalker shadow: Purplish and lightly glittery, applies

quite sheerly and because of the blue tone would look

good virtually on any skin tone.

Area 51 Lipgunk: I love lipgunk, perhaps more so than

straight up lipstick, this is a gorgeous glittery


That's not all though,check out Urban Decay for new product information.

from l. to r. Twisted Sister, Cult, Kiss, AC/DC & Twisted Sister.

Sandy Lerner & Wende Zomnir.

          I've a page  that  goes  on to talk about what 
      would be my dream tie in, a  BtVS  related product
      procured by Urban Decay; to take  look at the page
      click here.

          Check out  new Skitz-o-Styx lipsticks that are
      double sided. A  la "The Wedding Singer" lipstick.
      These are more varied and  from  one tube you  can
      get three different looks. These  run $14.00 a pop
      and  are  currently  all  in stock. By the way the
      Wedding Singer lippy is quite akin to the lipstick
      Crime, so if you are having  trouble  locating the
      Wedding Singer lipstick, there's a suitable alter-

AC/DC one side is metallic violet while the other side is a silver with a light lilac tinge. Agony/Extacy a neutral purple metallic with the flip side being metallic beige. Crime/Punishment Opaque cranberry, opposite side is sheer cranberry. Gorgeous! Jekyl/Hyde I love this one.Beige frost and a reddish brown. Manic/Depressive Candy red with an opposite side of glittery candy colored red. Pleasure/Pain Rose-y brown with a gold rosy shimmer. I have Pleasure/Pain, it's gorgeous I wear it every other day, it's really has me sold, you can vary the look in so many ways, by applying one or both sides lightly or heavily. Recommended colour.

          It has come to my attention that the following
      colors have been discontinued. Acid Rain, Asphalt,
      Gangrene, Oilslick, Ozone,  Rat, Salmonella, Smog, 
      and Vapor. These shades are discontinued in polish
      form only. Example, you  can still purchase Rat in
      shadow form and Oilslick in a lipstick etc. But if
      you are desperate  for  these shades you can buy a
      few of them still via Newbury Comic's site.


       Last fall's  shades! To see  pictures, look through
      the new Teen People,Y&M and the old Elle (US edition
      w/Laetitia on cover). There is,  Metropolitan, which
      looks  like  a sheer  burgandy  with  blue and  pink
      glitter, Hammersmith (In  Polish, Lipstick and  Body
      Haze) which  is a rich  burgandy  and  appears  rich
      perhaps glittery. Scans forthcoming. Metropolitan  &
      Hammersmith avail. September. Urban F/X a clear base
      polish is avail @UD's site and to order as of now.
      Also check out tie in (w/Gravity Kills) polish Perv-
      ersion (scroll for pic).  Pervesion (in hest of the
      now defunct Oilslick and Gangrene) is  my favourite

Urban F/X Polish.

ABC Gum Polish.

Hammersmith, in polish,lipstick and body haze.

S&M Polish.

Wende Zomnir of Urban Decay.

The Todd Oldham Polishes can now be bought seperately.

Close up of Metropolitan polish.

Lip Gunk in Fluorescent.

Spring Line Polishes.

          From Left to Right, Meltdown,Flourescent,Snow 
     and Cash.  Meltdown is a deep purple  with a royal
     blue  sheen. Flourescent is a  whitish polish with
     a  light  pink and  blue  sheen. Snow  is a silver
     based  polish  with a buttery  golden  sheen. Cash
     is  a   light  sheer  green. One   question, Snow? 
     yellow?   Dag....leave  it to Urban  Decay for the
     hardcore.   Thanks  go to Rob for sending  me  the
     information and polishes my way, you rock bells.

          Also new for spring is Gash in the form of 
     Lip Gunk. The popular deep red works well in this
     thick soft gloss. The formula is good and stays
     put once applied.

Movie Tie Ins


Made for the cast of Scream to wear to the movie premiere.

Not a movie tie in, but one with the indust- trial band Gravity Kills, it's called Perversion.

I don't know where to put this, it is new and I'm unsure of it's name, it says Abs Lit on the bottle in marker, I'm sure it's fresh and to look out for it in the future, it looks to have Absinthe's base color with fine glitter in it.

The Wedding Singer.

This lipstick was created with Drew Barrymore for the movie "The Wedding Singer" w/Adam Sandler. The lipstick is a brown based cranberry that is one one side matte and on the other shiny. Some of the profits from this lippy go towards two of Barrymore's favorite charities, The Wildlife Way Station and the Female Health Foundation. The matte side works well for a lipliner to apply before the shiny side.

The Big Lebowski "Dude"

          Dude (The Big Lebowski) is a teal glitter in a
     clear base. Check out the tag promotion for the new
     movie by the Coen Bros. of Fargo fame.

Hostage aka High, A Life Less Ordinary.

          Hostage (A Life Less Ordinary) is also known
     as High, I don't know if this was a mistake in 
     packaging but the polishes are one in the same. 
     This is a thick silver based color that is a heavy
     baby blue.This was of course made for "A Life Less
     Ordinary" with Cameron Diaz and Ewan MacGregor.

UD 40

          Also there is this flashy new UD-40 gel stuff, 
     which is supposedly not unlike hair mascara, that
     and body shine are it's main toutable...but, the
     packaging frightens me, do those not look like 
     "Tickle" deodorant tubes? Oi, yet again betraying
     my age...that and reffering to "Tickle" in any sort
     of seriousness.


Absinthe,Ozone and Violence.

          Absinthe makes the heart grow stronger...anyhow
     dig out this minty silver shade. Ozone, the quick
     dry lacquer. Violence the silvered lilac.


          S&M the new fall shade. This picture is from
     last month's Elle (US Edition) with Laetitia on
     the cover. There is a picture of Wende Zomnir and
     and article about this polish from inception to
     creation and the processes involved developing

Click Here For The full (current) list of Urban Decay Line 
   products available with text descriptions. Easy 
   if you find the wait for the scan too long.

Click Here For An actual scan of the UD product w/price list. Please note, this bad boy takes a while to load, so run to the bog, get a coffee, put on a record.....

Click Here For Actual scans of the polishes, your monitor wont show the depth of the shades, but it gives you a good representation of what you can get. There are some that aren't included.

Click Here For A listing of the new spring UD goods. This info is from the mouths of UD themselves. Thanks again for passing the info along!.

          Remember, this is a fan based page, which
       I made. I'm  not  getting paid for it. Or do
       I work for  these companies, although  if  I 
       was asked, I'd hit that action straightaway.

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