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The Ladies' Cello Society,Rasputina

Welcome to my Rasputina page, while it is small it was made with the best intentions. I hope you enjoy my little niche. The Ladies' Cellos Society is Melora Creager(Cello,Vocals.), Nana(Cello) and K. Coperthwaite (Cello).Pictured above(from l to r)Agnieszka Rybska, Melora Creager and Julia Kent. The music is hard to label, but it is beauty and very unique from the cello to the vocals. Also they are the best corseted band around.

Keep your eyes on this page, majour rehaul inc. design and new pics! coming soon! I promise.

Tour Dates

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What's New&Rasputina News 21 April,02

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Rasputina Postcard

The Albums

Debut Album,Thanks for the Ether New Album, How We Quit the Forest

The EP.

The Olde Headboard Single

Agnieszka,Melora and Julia-Olde Headboard CD Single

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~New~Click to See Screen Caps of Rasputina Performing~New~

Click on Above Pic to see Screen Caps of Rasputina Performing on Late Night w/Conan O'Brien

Cassette Song Excerpt Back of Cassette Sampler

    This is a cassette sampler, that has ex-
  cerpts of "The Olde Headboard" and "Diama-
  mond  Mind"  on it , (about  a  minute and
  forty seconds each song) that  were  given
  after Rasputina's set along with the post-
  card (above album pics) and sticker (below)
  each piece is backdated, so  I'm  guessing 
  that these are left over promo goods. 
    Below the sticker, are poster flats,with
  a fancy pic on each side, which was attac-
  hed to a pic of the album (HWQTF)cover and
  on the reverse side touting the first sin-
  gle "The Olde Headboard"..These are the f-
  lats that a re  posted  in clubs &  record  

From the Poster Flats~Promos Agnieszka,Melora & Julia

From the Poster Flats~Promos Agnieszka,Melora & Julia

The Third Chairs

Click here to see all five ladies,who were the third chair.

Click on above image for info about the longbox version of "How We Quit the Forest"

Agnieszka Rybska, Melora Creager and Julia Kent

From L. to R. Carpella Parvo, Melora Creager and Julia Kent

Nedstat Counter

From L. to R. Julia Kent, Melora Creager and Agnieszka Rybska

Please note, this is a page to entertain and maybe bust some more exposure for this trio, not to purposefully infringe on copy rights or to make money on this. It is pur- ely a fan page made by and for fans of The Ladies' Cello Society, aka Rasputina. A lot of the images I scanned in myself,so please link back to me if you use my pictures, I made this page as an homage& to be unique. Also don't forget to visit the Official Site.

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Julia Kent, Melora Creager and Lisa Haney Julia Kent, Melora Creager and Lisa Haney.

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Link to My Rasputina Page

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Pictured : Lisa Haney, Melora Creager & Julia Kent

Places to Go

Official Rasputina site.

Fire in the Alcove.

Mediaeval Times: A Mediaeval Baebes fansite

More soon.

Pictured : Julia Kent, Melora Creager & Agnieszka Rybska


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