I LOVE COWS!! I have almost 60 cow stuffed animals in my room. I have cow curtains, bedsheets, mugs, backpacks, and toys! Cows are fuzzy and cute. They give us milk and I love them. If I could, I would buy a real cow to keep forever in my bedroom. It could sleep on the floor.

This is a picture of me when I went to the petting zoo at the Philadelphia Zoo with mom, dad and dad's friend Mrs. Yarnell. I got to pet a real cow. This cow isn't real, though.

If you want to buy me a present, buy me a stuffed cow. Even if I already have the same cow, it doesn't matter because I already have two and three of the same and I love them all.

I've adopted my very own cow! I named her Sweetie Pie after my very first cow stuffed animal. The original Sweetie Pie sits on my grandmother's shelf because I loved the stuffing out of her. Grandma says she's going to keep Sweetie Pie for me so I'll have her when I get bigger. This is the original Sweetie Pie when I was five.

If you want to adopt your own cow, click on Sweetie Pie!

Here are some other cows mommy found for me!

I belong to these wonderful Cow Clubs Online!! If you love cows like I do, then join them!!

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