Hi! My name is Meghan and welcome to my website. I'm eight years old and my birthdays is September 11th. Mom helped me make this website. Even if she did all the graphics and put it together, I told her what to say and I told her which pictures I liked and wanted to use. I hope you like my new web site. These are all the things that I like. There are lots of pictures of me too. You can write me email if you want, but since I'm only eight, mom says she has to read it first unless she knows who wrote it. She says that way she can keep me safe.

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All other graphics were made by mom. That's her graphic site below. Don't yoink any of the graphics she made for me! It's not very nice to steal things!

This is the Faerie my mom made for my site. She said the faerie would protect my pages when I'm not here!

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