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Welcome to Barefoot Lass's Home Remedy page. Through the years I have collected many home remedies from family and friends. Here are some of the best that I have found. Remember... always consult your physician before trying any home remedy! Please read the DISCLAIMER before using any of the home remedies. If you have any interesting home remedies of your own, please send them to me at and I will add them to my collection. Don't forget to let me know your name, city & state so that I can give you credit. Thanks!

You can click on an ailment below and it will take you to the remedy, or just scroll down to see them all. I hope that you find what you are looking for!

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foot ARTHRITIS foot

Michael J. Shuler Sr. from Langley, Washington writes; "The sting of a bumble bee will help ease the pain of arthritis for 30 days. One old man recommended capturing the bee and placing it on the top of his bald head. He did this religiously. A bumble bee has a fairly mild sting similar to a honey bee." Thanks Michael! Now, how do you capture those little ole' bees? Another arthritis remedy sent in by Carole Johns from Greensburg, PA; "Eat a serving of Jello once a day. Gelatin contains amino-acids and they help restore cartilage for flexible joints. You can use sugar-free if you are watching your weight. It takes about three months, but you will see a definite improvement in your joint pain. And it tastes good!" Thanks Carole! Last but not least, Barefoot Lass has found the best natural remedy of all... Tahitian Noni Juice! No kidding, this wonderful juice is made from the Noni fruit which grows wild in Tahiti. Noni is well known for helping relieve the pain of arthritis. Check out a few TESTIMONIALS. Click here for more info or to purchase this miraculous juice: Tahitian Noni Juice and click on "Store". Or, if you are interested, just email Barefoot Lass and I will send you some info. If you would like to try some of this marvelous juice, I will give you my wholesale price on your first order just for trying it! But you must email me first to get the discount. Click here to email me: Email Barefoot Lass!

foot ASTHMA foot

If your are having an asthma attack and you are out of your medication, drink two to four cups of strong, black coffee.The caffeine in the coffee may give you some relief until you can get your medication. Jason Chu from San Francisco writes; "You note that caffeine is the active agent to offer some relief. Actually, it is not the caffeine which can actually aggravate someone who is excited, but the theophylline which is also in coffee that causes vasodialation and the relief associated with consuming coffee. The warm water vapor steaming from the cup of coffee also helps." Thanks Jason! Or, try this old time remedy: Roll spider webs in a ball and swallow. Believe it or not, but this remedy is still being researched today!

foot BEDSORES foot

Patrice Novack from Milwaukee, Wisconsin writes; "This remedy is for bedsores. My sister in law told me to use Maalox on the open sores. She said that the nursing home she worked in used it. Most people don't understand that the medication in the Maalox dries up an ulcer and neutralizes the acids. Bed sores are the same type of problem because of the sweat glands. All I did was to take and place the person on their side, then get a cotton ball and soak it with Maalox, squeeze the liquid directly onto any bedsores. I then placed a fan pointed directly onto the area for about a half hour to help the liquid dry up. This made the bedsores that my Mother had been suffering from for over 3 months disappear with in 1 week. The Maalox was very soothing for her too. It took the pain out." Thanks so much for the home remedy Patrice!

foot BEE STINGS foot

Rhonda from Kentucky writes; "For bee stings take a cigarette and break it, take the tobacco and moisten with water and apply to sting with a bandaid, this will take the swelling, soreness and pain from it." Clan Mother CrowHawk who is of Cherokee descent writes; "For bee or hornet stings, remove the stinger, cut a onion in half and then gently rub the affected area. In less than 5 minutes, the red and swelling and pain will be gone." Linda sent in this great home remedy; "Old Uncle Ray told me that if you get a bee sting, to put a slice of dill pickle on it! And believe me, it works!" Renee from Sweetwater, TN writes; "Remove the stinger. Wet a tiny amount of chewing tobacco and place on the area. Sounds nasty, but chewing tobacco takes the poison out!" Jacki Foster from Atlanta GA writes; "For any bee or wasp sting, after removing the stinger, apply a baking soda and water paste. This works but will need to be applied several times." Jo Kruse writes; "For bee or wasp stings, apply a paste made with unseasoned meat tenderizer and water. Or, take an aspirin and melt it down with a bit of water to make a paste and apply to the sting. For bites that itch, use Preparation H, sounds silly but it works!" Tatjanna Miller from Great Falls, Montana writes; "Very simple! Just add a dab of mustard to the area!" Last but not least... Debbie of Carrollton,Texas writes; "To stop a bee sting, tape a penny to the sting for 15 minutes. The copper in the penny counteracts the sting." Thanks to everyone for sharing their Bee Sting Tips!!


Pamie Forte from Carrollton, Ohio writes; "I have a tip for you and I can vouch personally that this one will work immediately. I have had a few terrible bladder infections over the years including so severe that I was bleeding. The pain is unbearable. An obviously bad infection. Since that was the case and the mucus needed removed out of the bladder I thought I would use organic vinegar. Instantly, the first time I urinated, the bladder was cleaned out and the pain gone. On the very first set of pain when urinating, use natural vinegar. 1 Tablespoon and 1/2 teaspoon Salt to an eight ounce glass of water and drink it all down at once. Once you urinate a great relief will come. I have used this over and over again and I swear it works and very soothing not to mention healing." Thanks so much for sharing Pamie! Raychel writes; "I was reading your home remedies site. The "cure" for bladder infections (vinegar) is actually counter productive, and can actually cause a bladder infection. Even doctors will tell you to stay away from vinegary foods when you have a urinary tract infection. However, cranberry juice is a VERY effective solution. Believe it or not, a lil cranberry juice goes a LONG way." Thanks Raychel! Here is a cranberry remedy for bladder infections, better known as cystitis; Take a bag of fresh or frozen cranberries and boil them in water until they fall a part. Don't add sugar! Cool and drink as much as you can each and every day. This will also keep the infection at bay if you drink a glass a day. Another good old time remedy is to take a bunch of parsley leaves and boil in water for a few minutes. Let stand until cool and then drink. Don't add sugar!

foot BLEMISHES (ZITS) foot

Dab with lemon juice a few times a day. Or dab some toothpaste on it. My friends and I swear by the toothpaste. It works wonders. We prefer the white toothpaste over the blue stuff. Or, try this; Saturate a tea bag in warm water and press on affected area for 5 minutes then rinse. Another good one is to use a cotton swab to dab on some Milk of magnesia. Let it dry and then rinse. Tip; Get the red out of blemishes by dotting on a drop of Visine!

Here is a tip straight from Barefoot Lass; Although this fantastic Blemish Recovery Gel isn't a "home remedy" per se, it is made with natural ingredients and it the best product out there for blasting zits! This fantastic blemish gel is specially formulated to address past, present, and future acne concerns. Works to reduce the size and number of blemishes, decreases the appearance of redness, and helps protect against future breakouts, and.... it calms inflamed skin! This gentle, non-drying formula will also help bring even tough adult acne under control and improve the overall appearance of your skin. A steal at $33! Click here to get yourself a tube. Blemish Recovery Gel Look for the link "Facial Care" and then "Skin Treatments" on the site. You are going to thank me for this recommendation!! Bye, bye Zits!
Last but not least, if you have never tried ProActiv, it really does work! Click on the banner below to start your zit free life!

foot BLOODY NOSE foot

Tami Tudor from Oakman, Ga. writes; "Put a dime between your lower teeth and lip and it will stop the bleeding in a heart beat!" Thanks Tami for this little miracle nose bleed remedy! Helene Clark from New Castle, PA sent this great remedy to share with us. Wet a cotton ball with white vinegar and make a plug for the bleeding nostril. Pinch the nostril and count to 10. Remove the plug and the nose should stop bleeding. Thanks Helene! Barry Horst from De Leon, TX writes; "Having been a father, elementary teacher and principal I have come across several nose bleeds in my time. The following works best: Take some Kleenex or tissue and tear it in 1 inch strips. Take a strip and fold or roll it up so that it is about one half inch thick and then wet it down under the faucet. (No faucet, if it is for yourself you can wet it in your mouth.) Take the wet tissue and place it between the upper lip and gum just below the nose. Now clamp down with your upper lip. This blocks off the vein that runs into the nose and slows the blood flow so that it can clot after a few minutes. It has always worked for me. I know it will for you also." Thanks a bunch Barry!

foot BOILS foot

Amanda from New Hampshire sent in this great home remedy for boils: "When my father was a child, his grandmother (a physician's wife) always treated boils using the membrane lining of an egg shell. She would apply the membrane wet side down, let it dry, and leave it attached to the boil area. If the membrane fell off before the boil dislodged, she applied another fresh membrane. My father always claimed this method works within a day or two of application of the egg membrane." Thanks Amanda! Malcolm writes; "Take a quarter size piece of white bread & moisten it with whole milk. Place the bread inside a standard bandage and apply to boil. Change every 24 hours. Within 3 days your boil will drain and the core will just come right out onto the bandage. No painful squeezing of area." Thanks Malcolm! Achilles Flores from St. Croix, VI writes; "Just lump some honey over the boil and then sprinkle a bit of white flour over the honey. The boil will burst in less than thirty minutes." Wow, now that is one we have to try! Thanks Achilles!

foot BOO-BOOS foot

Lorie Mead from Shelbyville, MI writes; "To make boo boo's better... take ordinary sponges, cut them into different size pieces, soak with water and freeze separately in a freezer bag. When Ouie's happen, wet the sponge and apply to injury. This also helps moms clean a wound without the children knowing. I call them my special Ouie Sponges. The children are quite impressed and it seems to take their mind off the pain having a special sponge!" Thanks a bunch Lorie! I cut my Ouie Sponges into heart shapes. Works great! Ruby from Lancaster Pa. sent me this one; "Get a few of those colorful little balloons and fill with water, tie and put in your freezer. The next time that your little one has a fever or a "boo-boo", take one out and put it on their forehead to cool them off, or on top of their bandaid to make their "boo-boo" feel better. They love it! No more tears!" Margaret Heath from Macon, GA was kind enough to share this other great boo-boo tip with us; "Keep a spoon in your freezer and when your little one falls, rub the back of the spoon on the spot and they won't get a goose egg." Thanks so much Margaret!

foot BRUISES foot

Donna Fahnestock from Moundsville, WV writes; "To dissipate bruises faster, apply the inside of a ripe banana peel to the bruise. It is best if you bandage the banana peel to the bruise overnight. This really works!" Thanks for sharing Donna! Myriam Manzofrom Chicago, IL writes; "I am a mother of two girls who play like boys. When they start bruising, I quickly apply butter and a dash of salt. 10 minutes later the bruise is gone. Now when they hurt themselves they bring me the butter and say they have a booboo." Thanks Myriam!

foot BURNS foot

Judy Deczkowski from Pittsburgh, Pa. writes; "I have a great home remedy for burns. Put honey all over the entire burn and keep it on. Or, peel a potato and cut a small slice and hold that on the burn. They both work. Honest!" Thanks for the great burn remedies Judy! Ani from Ontario, Canada writes; "The egg whites are also a miracle cure for burns, even severe ones. Soak or coat affected area in egg white. While the egg white is still wet you will feel no pain from the burn. As soon as it dries up the pain comes back so reapplication is necessary. This method not only alleviates the pain it actually heals and prevents scarring from the burn." Thanks Ani! Shelia Peoples from Ragland, Alabama writes; "If you get a burn, put mustard on it. The mustard is cold so it cools the burn and it contains vinegar which pulls the heat out of it. This also works on sunburns." Thanks Shelia!

foot CANKER SORES foot

A friend from Lancaster, PA writes; "This remedy was actually suggested by a medical doctor for canker sores (ulcers) inside the mouth. Mix equal parts of Maalox and Liquid Benadryl (1/2 tsp. each). Swish the concoction around in your mouth and spit out excess (do not swallow). The Benadryl numbs the pain and the Maalox neutralizes the acid in the mouth. This remedy works wonders!" Thanks friend!

foot COLD SORES foot

In the past I used to get them all of the time! But thank heavens those days are gone! I rarely get one of those nasty old cold sores and if I do, it's small and gone in a few days. What's my secret? L-Lisine! I take 500 mgs a day with out fail (if you are pregnant or nursing, check with your doc. B4 taking). If I do feel that oh so horrifying tingle, I race for the freezer and get an ice cube and hold it on my lip for at least twenty minutes as many times a day that I can. Then I apply toothpaste! Another sure fire remedy is to paint the area with clear nail polish! (it works!) Also applying Vit. E three times a day will help with pain and quick healing. Jualie from Kuttawa, Ky. wanted to share a home remedy that her Mother-In-Law told her about that sounds crazy but really works!; "When you feel a cold sore coming on..... rub your finger against the back of your ear. Then rub the same finger on your cold sore. The cold sore disappears! I don't know how it works but it does. Must be something the body produces or something!" Thanks Jualie! Sally Sayre from Port Huron, Michigan writes; "Try Ban roll-on deodorant. You can use other roll-ons but she said name brands seem to work the best. Just "roll" it over your cold sore several times a day." Thanks Sally! Donna from Mo. writes; "Rub a gold ring across a cold sore at the very first sign of a tingle and it puts it into remission." Thanks Donna! Teresa from NYC writes; "Sometimes those sores pop out over night and you have no chance of getting to them, so when they bust open I use Bacitracin ointment and the sore heals in 2-3 days, faster than any of those expensive creams like Abreva." Thanks Teresa!

foot COMMON COLD foot

Drink sassafras tea to shorten the length of your cold. Or try this indian cure, slice some onions and then make them into a necklace. The number one grandma cure is chicken soup. (add some garlic cloves!) An Arabian cure is to eat pomegranates. The Russians recommend drinking an ice-cold glass of vodka with two teaspoons of black pepper! Whooa, that should unclog that stuffy nose! This next tip was sent in by Burrell Webb from Eugene, Oregon; "From the deep, dark recesses of my memory, I recall my mother using a salve made of kerosene and lard on us kids for any flu or cold like symptoms. I have since heard that researchers have discovered a strong medicine made from kerosene. I have to admit that as a child it seemed to work." Thanks for the swell remedy Burrell! Elaine Miller writes; "Garlic contains a natural antibiotic. When anyone in my family comes down with a cold or infection of any kind, I chop up one large clove of garlic, and mix it on a spoon with honey. We swallow it down with a few gulps of water. Don't chew! I've known many, many families who swear by this remedy. If you normally have a low fiber diet, though, it can cause diarrhea, but cleaning out your system is a benefit!" Thanks Elaine! Katriona from Australia writes; "A good way to get rid of a cold is to cut up some garlic and ginger into a cup. Get enough so that the cup is about 1/4 full. Add half a lemon (diced) and fill with hot water. Stir and let set for 1 minute. Strain and add honey for taste. Drink and go straight to bed. This always works." Thank you so much for sharing Katriona! And last but not least, my favorite old time remedy for the common cold: Supplies needed for cure; a four poster bed, a bottle of whiskey and one hat. The cure; Hang your hat on the bedpost at the foot of your bed. Get into the bed and drink whiskey until you see two hats!


Casey A. from Rock Falls, IL writes; "To stop nighttime coughing, put Vicks Vapor Rub generously on the bottom of the feet at bedtime, then cover with socks. Even persistent, heavy, deep coughing will stop in about 5 minutes and stay stopped for manY hours of relief. Works 100 percent of the time and is more effective in children than even very strong prescription cough medicines. In addition it is extremely soothing and comforting and they will sleep soundly." Thanks Casey! Willow from King Mountain, NC writes; "This remedy is from my friends Grandpa who was from Roan Mountain, NC. Mix about four ounces of honey (Grandpa used clover honey), four tablespoons of lemon juice, and a shot of "Wild Turkey" Shake it up really well and take it by the tablespoon." Thanks Willow! Julia from NY writes; "Just a little thing my mom always did when I had bronchitis with that big whooping cough... She took a yellow yolk from a raw egg, mashed it with some sugar or honey and then mixed it into a cup of warm milk. Drink this for a few days and the cough will either go away or at least be much softer." Thanks for the remedy Julia! Last but not least... Nicole from Illinois writes; "My Grandma was the one who gave this to me. When you have a bad cough that you just can't get rid of, take some honey-comb (the actual comb of honey, not the breakfast cereal for those who are wondering) and chew it, along with a bit of the honey. Chew it like gum and feel free to swallow, neither will hurt you. It should help relieve the cough. It's working wonders for me!" Thanks Nicole! This tip really works. I have to add that although the wax of the honeycomb is safe to swallow in small amounts, I wouldn't be swallowing the whole comb!

foot COLIC foot

Kathy writes; "When my daughter was a newborn she had terrible colic and my moms friend gave me this tip: Boil 1/4 cup catnip in a kettle of water and strain through cheese cloth or a fine strainer and let cool. Add sugar if needed. Works great!" Teresa from Florence, South Carolina sent in this tip; "Try turning the vacuum cleaner on and it will calm the baby. It works like magic!." Alicia Barker from Plant City, Florida writes; "Bring 1 and 1/4 cups water to a rolling boil add 2 heaping teaspoons of whole Fennel Seed and boil for 2 minutes. Mix 1/4 tsp sugar, 2 ozs water and 2 ozs fennel tea and serve to baby. This is also great for any adult without diluting for stomach aches, cramps, and digestion. Please note that because baby has been distressed from the pain of colic and the tea relieving that pain baby will probably fall asleep quickly and stay asleep a little longer then usual." Tatjanna Miller from Great Falls, Montana writes; "To ease colic, put one thick slice of onion and 3 cups of water in a pot. Boil until water is a yellow color. Put 4 oz of the boiling water into a old sterilized bottle (the bottle will always smell like onions). Please do not use a glass bottle for it may shatter and be sure water is not scalding when you give it to baby. Cool the water until it is warm enough for baby to drink. If baby will not take the water add 1/2 tsp of sugar. In 5 or 10 minutes usually you have a happy baby!" Here is a super tip to cure colic, sent in by Renee from Sweetwater, TN: "Take formula or breast milk in a teaspoon, blow the smoke of a cigar (any brand) over the milk and then give to the child." Here is another colic remedy send in by John Boland from Moberly Mo.; "My Mother in-law, Lillian Myers, did this for our daughter and it works like a charm. Lay the child on a bed with a towel and diaper underneath him. Pour some caster oil in your hand and rub the oil over the babies tummy. In less than 15 minutes the oil will work!" June Alexander from Delmar, Delaware writes; "My husband's Aunt told me this 20 years ago, I've used this on my third child and my grand-children also. Take 4 bay leaves, a cup of water and bring to a boil ( like a tea ), let it cool, then put 1 teaspoon in every bottle, it takes a day to see a difference but it does work." Thanks everyone! Melissa C. from Denver, Co. writes; "A great remedy for gas (Colic), try rubbing Crisco on their belly. It eases the pressure and pain. It works great. This has been in my family for years." Thanks Melissa!

foot CRAMPS foot

That Time of the Month Cramps; Drink a cup of yarrow tea. (available at any health food store) It's amazing! Before you're finished drinking your tea, your cramps will be gone! Bejeu from Southern Indiana writes; "Drink pickle juice to get rid of those cramps. This may sound crazy, but it sure does work!" Thanks Bejeu! This tip for PMS and other womanly maladies was sent in by Elaine Miller: "I originally called this tea "Mommy's Blend," because I drank it throughout pregnancies, but I have had women who I have given some to who swear by it for PMS, Menopause, and pretty much any female symptom you can find. So now I call it "Women's Blend", or occasionally, "Screaming Hormones." I mix two parts (by weight) of Red Raspberry Leaf with one part each of Red Clover Blossoms, Alfalfa Leaf, and if anemic, Yellow Dock Root or Dandelion Root." Thanks so much for sharing Elaine!

Foot Cramps; Greg from Ontario, Canada writes,; "A woman who practiced naturopathy told me that for the cramps in my feet, I was low on calcium (which must be used with magnesium for your body to absorb it - hence the Cal-Mag brand of supplement). I took this for a couple weeks. Voila! - no more cramps." Thanks Greg! Note: Look below for some great remedies for leg cramps!!


For a minor cut, rinse with water then dress it with any of these remedies to stop the bleeding: goldenseal powder, papaya pulp, cayenne pepper, moist tea leafs, wet pouch tobacco, or aloe vera plant leaf gel. Jennifer Hoekstra from Tampa, FL writes "My grandfather always used spider webs to stop the bleeding from cuts. He usually used the small webs that were built in the grass. As a kid I can remember that it really did work." Thanks for sharing Jen!

remedies DIAPER RASH remedies

Pame from Columbus, Ohio writes, "Pour some flour in a cast iron skillet and brown it until almost burnt. Let cool completely and apply to baby's bottom and diaper rash should disappear in a couple days." Thanks Pame! Carla from Edmond, Oklahoma writes; "My mom taught me a pretty neat trick for diaper rash. Put some olive oil in the bottom of a teacup, a Tablespoon should be enough. Add about 5 drops of water and beat the mixture with a spoon. When it gets creamy apply it to your baby's bottom. My boys' rashes disappeared from one change to another." Thanks for the wonderful remedy Carla! Jane Cline from Peterstown, West Virginia writes; "Use the gel of the aloe vera plant and the diaper rash can be cured overnight." Thanks Jane! Jennifer writes; "Here's a good tip for diaper rash. Use milk of magnesia. It will clear up diaper rash and help with poison ivy or even bug bites!" Thanks Jennifer! Teresa Chaffers from Dallas TX writes; "I tried everything to get rid of my daughters diaper rash. Home remedies, medicines from the doctor, and changing diaper brands. Nothing worked. I took her to Granny's Daycare in Birmingham, Al. I told granny about all the medicines she was on for the diaper rash and nothing worked. She told me that when I get back to pick her up it would be almost gone. Well, sure enough, it was. The next day it was gone completely and has never returned. She used Preparation H creme." Thanks Teresa!!

remedies EARACHE remedies

John from Alabama writes; "To sooth an earache quickly, just use a hair dryer (on the low setting) and let the warm air soothe that ache!" Thanks John! Carole from Pittsburgh writes; "Just drip a few drops of peroxide into your ear. Then tip your head and let the peroxide drain out. This has always worked for me!" Thanks for the great tip Carole!

Please Help!

foot ECZEMA foot

Renee from Sweetwater, TN writes; "Use Noxema instead of lotions, eczema was what it was originally made for. Hence the name... Noxema (no eczema). Sounds crazy but it works! Use the original Noxema, not the new and improved stuff!" Thanks Renee! Debbie Russell from Somerset, Kentucky writes; "My daughter had eczema to the point of breaking out in welts all over her body. We tried everything until someone told me to use Crisco on her. I completely covered her in Crisco 2-3 times a day. She was white and greasy but the Crisco absorbs quickly. The eczema is gone." Thanks Debbie! Natalie from Carrollton, Texas writes, "My daughter had sever eczema along with skin allergies so most OTC remedies didn't work. Finally I tried Suave's Intensive Healing. It worked wonders. I applied it 3-4 times a day and after a month or so started to work down the frequency. After 2 years, we apply it everyday during the dry season and every 2-3 days otherwise and we haven't had to use any expensive prescriptions. One of the ladies I had worked with had an 18 year old son and said it was the first time he had actually been complete clear of the eczema his entire life." Thanks Natalie!! B.L. says; "Donít use soap any more than you have to. Using ordinary soap will deplete moisture from your skin which can weaken your immune system and can leave you more susceptible to toxins and bacteria!Use mild soaps with glycerin, or soy soaps. There is an excellent soy soap for you to try called the Soysational Bella Bar. This soap is great for people with psoriasis or eczema. All natural and softening, you can use this wonderful soy based cleansing bar to shower, shave and shampoo! Click here to order this amazing soap; Buy Bella Bars"

remedies EMBEDDED GLASS foot

MJR from Gary, IN sent in this great remedy. "One that gram gave me was bacon fat on embedded glass. I had a piece of glass that I could not get out of my foot and she said just tape bacon fat on it. I did for about 2 weeks and one day the glass was on top of the bacon when I took it off." Thanks for the tip MJ!

foot FEVER foot

Ani from Ontario, Canada writes; "Egg whites are by far the best method to lower a high temperature within MINUTES! When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I had acquired a fever so high that I started to hallucinate. My mother was in a panic, she feared brain damage if something didn't lower the fever and FAST. My grandma told her to soak 2 cloths or handkerchiefs in egg whites and put on the soles of the feet (cover with socks). The egg whites instantaneously start to draw the temperature DOWN from the brain (where it is dangerous) to the feet (where it can do no damage). After that incident my mom used this method successfully every time I had high temp." Thanks for this old time remedy Ani! Christon Green from Clover, SC writes; "My dad was from the mountains of NC and this fever remedy has been passed down for generations and it really works! Though it doesn't smell very good! If you have a fever that just won't break, take a raw onion, peeled and sliced, and place the slices in the bottom part of your socks so that they are touching the soles of your feet. Then put the socks on your feet before you go to bed and sleep with them on your feet. When you get up in the morning, your fever will have broken. Apparently the way this works is that the onions draw the heat into them and out of your body because in the morning the onions are cooked!" Thanks Christon! Teresa from Cromwell, IN writes: "I have always used my mother-in-laws solution to reduce fever. Rub rubbing alcohol on the insides of elbows and back of knees and on the forehead and neck. This will bring the fever down. I use it every time on my three little ones, it works!" Thanks Teresa! Henrietta Elliott from Memphis, Tennessee writes; "If you or your child is suffering from a high fever, or you have hot flashes or you are hot from being outside or your air condition goes out; use buttermilk. Soak a new pair of socks in buttermilk. Put the socks on your feet. If you are in the bed you will need to protect your bed by wrapping your feet. The buttermilk will absorb the fever or heat from your body. Throw the socks away after using them. This really works for all!" Thanks Henrietta!

foot STINKY FEET foot

Brew two tea bags in one quart of warm water and soak your feet for ten Minutes. Do this every night until the problem is gone. Then you can soak them periodically. Tea is terrific at keeping your feet odor free and it also will keep your feet perspiration free because of its tannic acid. Greg from Ontario, Canada writes; "Thought you might like to know a LONG-TERM CURE for stinky feet that I found out about through a person I met that practiced naturopathy. 50 mg of zinc a day for 2 weeks and in my experience, 15 years later I am only starting to have to do this again. I'll be good for another 15 years, I expect." Thanks for the great stinky feet remedy Greg! Nora T. from West Virginia writes; "A family member who shall remain unnamed found this cure. He had the WORST case of stinky feet you can imagine and he suffered with it his whole life until he found this simple solution. Put about one quarter cup of Pine Sol in a pan you use to soak your feet in with and enough warm water to cover the ankle. Soak until water is cool. Rinse and dry the feet. It Works great!" Thanks Nora!


Carefully crack open a raw egg and remove the skin that's inside the shell. Put the wet side on the cut for speedy healing without a scar! Also, nothing beats good old Aloe. Take it staight from the plant and rub it on the area.


Joy Don'nell from Watauga , TN. writes; "When a child or an adult gets a sudden bump on the forehead that instantly grows to the size of a marble or larger, The remedy that works even better than ice is a mixture of butter and salt. Simply mix a small amount of butter or margarine in the palm of your hand with a little salt. Apply generously if the skin isn't broken or bleeding. You can actually watch the knot disappear instantly. Bruising will also be less likely. Caution should be used to assure that no salt reaches the eyes." Thanks Joy!

foot GOUT foot

Neutralize the uric acid and flush it out! Drink three to four cups of one of these tea's a day: yarrow, dandelion, celery seed, nettle. Gina from Leeds England writes; "I know a woman that was completely cured of Gout just by drinking Nettle Tea. My husband was having Gout attacks every 2 weeks so I persuaded him to go see a Homeopathist. The Nettle Tea remedy worked for him and he's been pain free for 6 years." Thanks Gina! My favorite tea to rinse out that old uric acid is corn-cob tea! Just get three corn cobs and simmer in a four cups of water. Strain and keep in the fridge and just heat it and drink after meals. Eat four ounces of fresh cherries a day. Or take one tablespoon of cherry concentrate three times a day. Elevate joint and take ibuprofen. Never take aspirin for gout! Apply ice and drink lots of water. Do not eat any of the following! Anchovies, gravy, sardines, cauliflower, mushrooms, clams, oatmeal, shellfish, spinach, and no alcohol! Mike from Everett, Washington writes; "I'm 35 and had gout in a bad way. Cherry juice worked a few times then back in January I started looking on the net for information. I found a website called I thought it might be a joke or a farce, but I was so helped out by this!. The ingredients of the cure on this website is baking soda and water. I was to the point of crawling and in intense pain. So I did the "cure" and in 2 days my foot was healing, and itching from the healing. I could kiss the guy that has that page. Maybe you can help some one with this info. Oh and Doctors say this doesn't work. I'm sure some pharmaceutical company will say it doesn't work. And this persons website doesn't have any ads, and doesn't ask for money." Thanks for sharing this wondrous cure Mike! Remember, Have doctor's approval before trying this! Also, read all of the info on the website!

home GRAZED KNEE remedies

Rub the inside of a banana peel on a scrape to ease the pain and help it heal.

remedy HEADACHES remedy

Take two aspirin and drink one to two cups of coffee (high-test!). Another good cure is to mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with two teaspoons of honey in a glass of water, drink it slowly, and get results within a half-hour! Or, Take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead! The throbbing will go away! Last but not least, take ten to twelve almonds and call me in the morning! The almonds are equal to taking two aspirins but will not irritate your stomach.

lice HEAD LICE lice

Katrina Holland from New Zealand has a wonderful tip for those nasty critters; "Mix a 50:50 solution of mineral oil, such as baby oil, and vinegar. Massage it into the hair and cover for 1 hour with a shower cap then wash with ordinary shampoo. The vinegar detaches the nits or eggs, from the hair shaft and the oil suffocates any live lice and allows easy and smooth combing out of deceased lice. A preventative measure is 10 drops of tea tree-oil to a new bottle of shampoo. This is so much nicer for kids than the horrible smelling shampoos/creams that they sell over the counter that kids hate!" Lisa from Lake Charles, LA discovered this remedy for head lice; "Try Denorex Extra Strength dandruff shampoo! I took my daughter and brought into the shower, poured on the Denorex, and I swear the lice began falling off dead! We used it every day, and I continued to pick nits, but the new nits stopped showing up after that first day of using the shampoo. The Denorex can be used daily and does not have to be left on like lice shampoos. Be sure to use the extra strenth though." Dave from the Carolinas writes; "I wanted to let you know shaving cream kills all forms of lice very very fast. I think the combination of chemicals they use today in shaving creams is a deadly mix for these evil critters. A thick coating of shaving cream left on location for 10-15 minutes (rubbed in well) will kill adults and eggs." Tatjanna from Great Falls, Montana writes; "Lice bugs down in Missouri have grown immune to Nix and Rid. The locals use mayonaise on the hair for roughly 3 hours. I left it on my kids hair over night with a shower cap on. It worked great!" Rachel from Vancouver, Wa writes: "A couple of years ago we had a huge out break of lice (they even shut down some schools). I found that the mayo work great! You can also use Vaseline rubbed in and left on for at least an hour. Be careful however on kids who have that beautiful silky straight hair. My girl had a slicked back ponytail for a week but she never got the lice again. I got them too however, but I have naturally curly hair and the Vaseline did wonders on my hair." Thanks Rachel! And thanks to everyone for the great lice remedies!

foot HEEL SPURS foot

Wallace from Clovis, NM was nice enough to send this great heel spur cure. Here's his story; "I once had a painful heel spur confirmed by x-ray. My foot doctor tried several non-surgical remedes without lasting success. Surgery was the only alternative. I went to buy a pair of shoes and the elderly clerk noticed I had a heel spur. This is the old indian remedy she gave me: Take a piece of brown wrapping paper (grocery bag ok) and cut into shape to fit in heel of shoe. Soak well in Apple Cider Vinegar, place in shoe and wear every day resoaking periodically. Within 2-3 weeks my spur was completely gone. I have shared this with several people with success. That was five years ago. Now if my heel feels tender, I don't bother with the brown paper, put on an old pair of shoes, pour in a little apple cider vinegar and go sloshing about my business!" Thanks Wallace!

hangover HANGOVER CURES hangover

Before you go beddy-bye take two spoonfuls of honey. Before you go to sleep rub cut lemons under your arms... sounds nuts, but it works! When you wake up drink lots of fruit juice. One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a banana milk shake, sweetened with honey. The banana calms the stomach and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system. Another great tip is to eat watermelon! Whitney Evanston from Wyoming writes; "It sounds crazy, but when you wake up after a fun night of drinking, open a beer and drink it as fast as you can. It really helps me!" Sort of like the "hair of the dog that bite you"! Thanks Whitney! Ray Garcia from Stratford Connecticut writes: "I have found out through a physicians website on advice for the hangover on what not to do is take any kind of Tylenol after alcohol consumption. The reason being is that when you mix the two, your liver releases bad toxins and in long term it will lead to liver damage. Plus it will irritate your stomach." Thanks Ray!

hiccups HICCUPS hiccups

This one sounds crazy but it works! Stand straight and put your arms straight in the air above your head and wiggle your fingers! Larry Lee from Calmar, Ia writes; "Take a full glass of water and stand on your tiptoes, holding your free hand straight up in the air above your head and drinking the whole glass of water with the other hand. Your hiccups are gone." Thanks Larry! Len Brothers from Vernon, Texas writes; "Take a full glass of water cover it with a paper towel then drink the water through the paper towel." Thanks loads Len! Or, stimulate the uvula (tiny teardrop of flesh hanging at the back of the throat) with a Q-tip. Martha from Virginia wanted to share this great hiccup cure that she found over 30 years ago and claims it works like magic!; "Into a tumbler full of water place a metal table knife. While one end of the knife remains in the water, press the other end against your temple and drink some of the water at the same time." Debi from Columbus, Ohio sent in this super tip; "Fill your mouth with room temperature water; while holding the water in, count as far as you can while also holding your breath; then when you can't hold it any longer, keep holding your nostrils closed, plug your ears and swallow all at the same time." Becki from Audubon, New Jersey wanted to add her hiccup cure to the list; "Suck on a piece of fresh lemon. Works instantly!" Abby from Ree Heights, S. Dakota says; "I swallow a spoonful of peanut butter. They are gone instantly!" Kaitlyn Sabre from Seymour, Connecticut says; "Put a teaspoon of sugar on your tongue and don't open your mouth until it is completely dissolved, it works great because of the carbon in the sugar!" Cheryl from Ohio writes; "I have another to add to your list of remedies for hiccups. I got the hiccups one day when my friend, Joy, was here. Her husband was an EMT and she said I should eat a spoonful of mustard. I HATE mustard but the hiccups hurt so I decided to try it. They stopped immediately!" Lucie from Tennesse writes; "A great way to cure hiccups is by just drinking 9 small gulps of water, if that doesn't work, chew slowy a small spoon of peanut butter." Shauna-Norman, Oklahoma writes; Just drink a small cup of water or juice, any type of liquid thru a straw. And by the time you've got it down, the hiccups are nowhere to be found." Brenda from Maryland writes; "To cure hiccups drink soda, without ice and without stopping i.e. continuous swallowing. Four or five swallows will do the trick. It has never failed!" Thanks to each and everyone of you for the great hiccup cures!

foot BABY HICCUPS foot

If the baby has the hiccups, take a piece of red thread (must be red!) and wad it up in your mouth. Put the wadded red thread on your baby's forehead and the hiccups will stop. No kidding! Kristen from Middletown, Ohio writes; "For baby hiccups, wet your finger and dip it in sugar and let baby eat the sugar off your finger. Usually works." Thanks Kristen!


Fill a quart-size zip-lock freezer bag with one cup of rubbing alcohol and two cups of water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring if you like and store in the freezer. The mixture won't freeze solid. Easy to shape around sore elbows or knees!


Peel and grate a potato, then strain it through cheese-cloth. Collect the the juice and add an equal amount of water. Drink slowly for fast relief. Potatoes will neutralize the acid that could be causing your indigestion. Eat some papaya, mango, or kiwi. They have healing enzymes that should help you indigestion. Tami Tudor from Oakman, Ga. writes; "Take a half cup of water and add half a teaspoon of baking soda. Stir it up and drink it down fast. Within a second you will feel it work. My family has used this for years. I do it almost every night cause I have reflux and it does the trick." Thanks for the tummy fix Tami! Please read this before you try it though... Linda Freeman from London Arkansas writes; "I would like to warn you about using the remedy with baking soda and water. If you have high blood pressure or are pregnant please be careful with this remedy. It can cause terrible water retention and is the same as eating a tablespoon of salt. I did this when I was pregnant an I almost got toxemia from the water retention and kidney problems it caused. It is OK for occasional use, I still use it because I have reflux and sometimes it is all that will relieve it. But please be careful, don't do this everyday." Thanks so much for warning us Linda!! Michelle Graff from Fresno, CA writes; "I found that for heartburn, chew Juicy Fruit gum. It worked like a champ during pregnancy." Thanks Michelle! Cathy from North Carolina writes; "The only thing that works for my heartburn, and not even Tums or acid reducer can do, is to eat a frozen Popsicle. It's like it freezes away the pain and acid. It doesn't take long either!" Thanks Cathy! A friend from Lancaster, PA writes; "I have a home remedy to share for heartburn. Just swallow a teaspoon full of (dry) oatmeal. It takes a bit to work up enough spit to swallow, but it works immediately! I have tried two OTC products for a bout of heartburn with no luck, then did the oatmeal and I had instant relief!" Thanks friend!


Before you go to bed, put a small wedge of lemon on the toenail, securing it with a band-aid. (put on a sock!) When you wake up, the nail should be soft enough to ease it away from the skin so that you can trim it. Always cut the nail straight across and not any shorter than the toe! Debbie Russell from Somerset, Kentucky writes; "My daughter had ingrown toenails on each of her big toes. They were extremely sore and swollen. The doctor wanted to make an appointment with a podiatrist to remove the toenails. I took the skin/membrane from eggshells and applied wet side down by wrapping them around her toes for 2 nights. She has never had a problem since, and no painful surgery!" Thanks Debbie! Joan from Illinois says; "My ingrown toenails are totally cured by putting vitamin E oil on them alot. Unbelievable but true." Thanks for sharing Joan!

foot INSOMNIA foot

Chop a yellow onion and put it in a jar with a lid. Place on your night table. When insomnia the jar and take a few good whiffs. Lie back and think lovely thoughts. You'll be sawing logs within fifteen minutes. Open your mouth and try to yawn. Bring on a yawn... another....another...keep going...chances are you'll be asleep in no time. Or, have a cup of relaxing herbal tea. Camomile, dill, anise, or rosemary should do the trick.

foot LEG CRAMPS foot

Place a spoon by your bedside. (doesn't have to be silver, stainless is fine) When you awaken with a leg cramp, put the spoon on the cramp and it will uncramp instantly. No kidding! Wear socks to bed (heavy or light, both are effective) and you'll never have another leg cramp. Rebecca from New Zealand writes; "Keep a wine cork handy and grip it when a leg cramp occurs. Alternatively, keep one floating around in the bed. Nobody knows how this works, or why it has to be a wine cork, but this has been effective for three generations now." Good one Rebecca! Thanks for sharing! Wallace from Clovis, NM has his own leg cramp cure; "Place the finger directly below the nose and press firmly against the upper lip. I used to have severe leg cramps at night, this procedure has worked every time! Sometimes it may take several seconds for this to be effective, but stay with it." Connie from Jeffersonville, IN sent in this one; "For leg cramps put an old pair of shoes under your bed up side down and you will have no more leg cramps." And Lisa from Lake Charles, La. says; "Something that I learned when I was pregnant, to prevent leg cramps, drink orange juice or eat a banana before going to bed." Lyn from Racine, Wisconsin writes; "Put a bar of soap under the fitted sheet. By the 3rd night, your cramps will be gone. I have also had leg cramps during the day. I take a bar of soap and rub it on the cramp. The cramp is gone in less than a minute. A miracle cure. I have suffered with night cramps for many years. This works wonders and I swear by it! You can tell when it's time to replace the soap, as your cramps will slowly start to return. Just get a new bar, unwrap it, and stick it under your sheet." Thank you all for the great remedies!

foot PINK EYE foot

Alicia from Texas writes; "I have dealt with pink eye all of my life and the quickest way to rid yourself from the pain and the redness is to get yourself a can of evaporated milk and a medicine dropper. Drop 2 to 3 drops of the milk (at room temperature) in the infected eye. In a day or so your pink eye will be gone!" Thanks Alicia!

poison POISON IVY ivy

Take watermelon (the rind and the meat) and glide it over the rash. Let it dry naturally. Within a day, the condition should improve greatly! Mike Youngblood from Cedar Rapids, Iowa sent in this great remedy: "First put about a half a cup baking soda in a bowl and slowly add cool coffee to make a thick paste than apply the paste liberally to the affected area and allow to dry. The poison will flow out of the blisters like water." Thanks a bunch Mike! Gerald Schiwal from Dickinson, ND says; "A good way to get rid of Poison Ivy is to rub Dawn Dish washing soap on the area. Poison ivy is an oil and the dawn will break it up." Thanks for the tip Gerald! Ronnie Clark writes; "I currently have poison ivy. When I get it, I get it really bad. So, naturally I was trying to catch it early, before it started spreading rapidly. I looked on the internet for remedies, and I finally came across one that I wanted to try. It said to take Vicks VapoRub and rub it on the affected areas. It really works. I did it last night and the poison ivy is almost gone." Thanks Ronnie! Tip: If you're not sure that it's poison ivy, try the white paper test. Take a hold of the plant with a white piece of paper and crush the leaves. If it's the dreaded plant, the juice on the paper will turn black in five minutes! Also, check the poison oak remedies below. These work just as well with poison ivy!

foot POISON OAK foot

Gregg Cobb from Salisbury, NC wanted to share his poison oak remedy with us; "I recently got a really bad case of poison oak. It ranged from red rashy areas to weeping burning ones. An old lady from my local store gave me this remedy. Take some leaves from a peach tree, boil them, let the water cool, then apply with a cotton ball. She said that it would cure it. That night after a shower I did what she said. The result was over night! The next morning the poison oak was brown and the skin on it looked dead and dried up! For the next two days I was pulling off dead skin that used to be the poison oak. I can't believe that there's nothing online about it. That's why I'm sharing my experience with everyone.If it helps just one person not to suffer like I was, that's great!" Thanks so much Gregg!! C. Frazier from Paris, Texas sent in this great remedy; "Soak a cotton ball in milk of magnesia and apply to the poison oak or poison ivy affected areas. This will sooth and stop the itch. Within 2 days it will be gone!" Thanks loads C.!!

foot RINGWORM foot

Sandi Saegert from San Antonio, TX writes; "My remedy is for ringworm. My grandfather was a country doctor seventy or more years ago and the treatment he used for ringworms was to take a piece of good stationary and a china plate. Wad the paper up and light it with a match. Put the burning paper on the china plate and let it burn until the flames are totally out. Remove the burned paper. On the china plate there will be some brownish residue left. Rub this residue on the ringworm with your finger and leave it on overnight. You may have to repeat this once or twice but usually it is gone after the first treatment." Thanks Sandi! Another for ringworm is to apply clear nail polish on the area. Another good one is to wet some chewing tobacco and apply to the area. Cover with a piece of Saran Wrap and tape the whole mess on. The ringworm should be gone in the morning.


Husband talking in his sleep? Grab a hold of his big toe and he will tell you any thing that you want to know!!

foot SPLINTERS foot

Tanya from Takapuna, New Zealand writes; "My grandmother showed me the best way to remove splinters, prickles, glass fragments or anything you want drawn out of skin. You crack open a raw egg and peel the skin/membrane from the inside of the shell. Immediately place it, wet side down, on whatever you want drawn out. and wait till it is dry. You will feel a VERY strong pulling sensation." Thanks Tanya! You can also try putting a piece of tape on the splinter. Then remove the tape from the opposite direction that the splinter is inbedded. The splinter should come out onto the tape. Or, try putting a line of Elmers Glue on the splinter. Let it dry, then pull off in the same fashion. Ed was kind enough to share this splinter remedy with us; "A piece of fat bacon, raw, will draw out a splinter or a boil. Bind it loosely and leave overnight." Thanks Ed!


Add the white of an egg to a cup of water. Stir it for several minutes, then strain it through cheesecloth and drink it slowly. It will settle the stomach. This one works great on children especially! Elizabeth from Chicago writes; "When my little one gets an upset tummy I give her oil of peppermint (either 10 drops to a glass of water) in drinkable form or I giver her an Altiod peppermint or a Star Brite mint. it gets rid of the gassy upset really quickly." Thanks Elizabeth!

sty STY ON YOUR EYE stys

Connie from Jeffersonville was kind enough to share this wonderful tip with us; "If you have a sty on your eye, rub a gold ring across the sty a few times and it will stop the pain right away. And.. the sty will go away! A woman at work had a bad one the other day and once I got her talked into trying it, the next day she couldn't stop talking about how good it worked. And it did!" Thanks for sharing Connie! Patrice Novack from Milwaukee, Wisconsin writes; "Try making a cup of tea and when the bag gets to a comfortable temperature place the tea bag on your eye while you enjoy your cup of tea. When you are through with your tea it is time to through out the bag. The tannins in the tea work wonders on the irritated tissue, the warmth bring it to a head and makes it go away comfortably." Thanks Patrice!

foot SUNBURN! foot

Niki from Ca. writes; "I'm really fair so I burn a lot. To get rid of the sting and the red of the sunburn, I slather on Noxzema and then leave it on all night. When you get up you are 'all better'!" Thanks for the great sunburn tip Niki! Heather Marzari writes; "I have a remedy for when you have a really bad sunburn that causes blistering. Take 2 aspirin (only aspirin) and 2 Benedryl and within a few hours the water blisters will be gone along with all the ache and heat. Keep taking them for the next 3 days morning and night and you'll be all healed up." Thanks Heather, you're a doll for sharing! Gerald Schiwal from Dickinson, ND writes; "I have a home remedy for Sun Burn that my grandma gave me. You pour a generous amount of vinegar on the sunburned area. Then rub a glob of sour cream into the vinegar area. Keep it there till the sour cream dissolves into the vinegar, than wash area off. The red is still there but the tenderness and heat is gone." Thanks a bunch Gerald! Laura writes; "My mother always used vinegar for sunburns. Soak a wash cloth in vinegar and apply to the burned area. The vinegar is cool and pulls out the heat of a sunburn. It also helps to keep the skin from blistering. The was cloth can be stored in an air tight bowl for several days and be used repeatedly for the burn. It is so much more soothing than aloe, though much more smelly." Thanks for sharing Laura!

tootache TOOTHACHE toothach

Put a few drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and pack it against the aching tooth. If you don't have any clove oil handy, a clove with work almost as well. Or, try chewing on a clove of garlic. It tastes pretty bad and forget about your breath! Your pain should be gone within a few minutes! The next time I get a toothache, I am going to try this tip that a cyber friend sent in: "This is an old remedy that my great grandmother handed down, take some grated fresh garlic and put it on the opposite wrist of the toothache pain. (if your toothache is on the right side of your mouth, put the garlic on the left wrist)Leave the garlic on your wrist for twenty minutes. The crazy thing is that you will wake up in the morning and your tootache will be long gone!" Robin from Hinesville, Georgia was kind enough to share her toothache remedy with us; "Place several drops of vanilla extract directly on the tooth. If nothing else,the alcohol in the extract will serve as an antiseptic to an infection." Thanks Robin!

ulcer ULCERS ulcer

Take some honey! Honey soothes and reduces inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Eat at least three bananas a day. This will coat your stomach and sooth your ulcer pain. Also, cayenne pepper is a wonderful ulcer healing spice. And it dulls the pain! It's a bit strong and may take getting used to. Start with one-eighth teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water twice a day. Work your way up to a quarter-teaspoon. If you would rather, you can take cayenne capsules that you can get at the health food store. Take three a day right after meals. The best home remedy that I know is raw cabbage. To make it easy, juice your cabbage with a juicer. Try mixing it with carrots in your juicer to make it go down easier! (it's not too bad, honest!) Drink half a cup of the juice before each meal and at bed time. (make sure that it is fresh!) Don't be surprised if you ulcer is gone within a few weeks! A few other great ulcer remedies are; barley water, aloe juice, propolis capsules, licorice root or marshmellow root.

wart WARTS wart

Erica from Santa Barbara, CA. writes; "Simply apply the purest honey you can find on your wart, keep applying it morning and night until the wart disappears. You should start to see changes within a couple of days." Thanks Erica! Rub a crushed clove of garlic on the wart as often as possible through out the day. Or cut an apple into as many pieces as you have warts. Designate each piece to a to a wart and rub that piece on its wart. Now, put the apple back together and bury it. When the apple rots, the warts will be gone! Hollace Wilson Jr. from Harlan, Ky writes; "Years ago I had trouble with seed warts on my fingers. My grandmother told me to take an old dishrag of hers and rub it on the warts, then throw it in the trash and they will go away. It really worked. I have told it to several of my friends and they swear by it." Thanks for sharing Hollace! Melissa of Muncie writes; "Rub your wart gently with a light grain piece of sand paper. Then put a dab of clay on the wart - must be red dirt clay (not modeling clay!) and cover with a bandage. Repeat daily until wart is gone. Promise it works..." Thanks Melissa! Maria from NC writes; "I was plagued by warts on my fingers when finally a friend of mine told me about a recent study that proved to work 95% of the time for warts. All you have to do is apply a strip of DUCT TAPE to the wart. Apply a fresh strip to the wart changing it daily and within a few weeks the wart is gone!! IT REALLY WORKS! Another wart tip is to to simply take a horse hair (from the tail) and tie it around the wart and Viola!" Thanks so much Maria. My mom swears that, if you want to kill off a wart, just take a piece of banana skin and place it on the wart, with the yellow side out. To hold the skin in place, just tape on with surgical tape! Or, try my favorite wart cure; Collect a mound of dirt under your right foot and kick it toward a passing hearse as you chant: "Oh corpse of clay, as you decay, come and carry my wart away!".


Here a few remedies for yeast infections that have been sent in by Jackie from Georgia; 1. Dab a little apple cider vinegar on the affected area, (it stings like the dickens but it's worth it) and to help the itching a little garlic steeped for a few hours in the vinegar. 2. A tampon soaked in plain yogurt and inserted every few hours will help to restore the PH imbalances in the vagina and will clear it up in a few days, plus doing so once a week will prevent further infections. 3. And last but not least, eat plenty of yogurt or buttermilk to keep the healthy bacteria where it should be. The acid in the yogurt and buttermilk will keep the PH level constant and prevents further infections. As a side note I NEVER use the creams and things at the store as they are too harsh for me and usually cause sever swelling and pain and just in general cause more trouble than they are worth." Thanks so much for the wonderful remedies Jackie! Here is yet another yeast infection remedy sent in by Susan Lewis; "I have a home remedy for women who get yeast infections frequently. Go to your vitamin store and purchase acidophilus in capsule form And take about 8 capsule, empty them into a douche bag add warm Water, and douche 2-3 times a day. The infection will be gone by the 3rd day! Youíll feel better after the first day! You can also take the capsules by mouth along with douching and it really knocks the infection out fast!" Thanks Susan!

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