Officers of King David Lodge #11 (1999)
A.F. & A.M.
Suffolk County
Pictured from l-r are Bro. Albert Reynolds (Senior Warden), Bro. Bobby Young (Worshipful Master),
and Bro. John Henry (Junior Warden).

Elected and Appointed Officers
Bro. Bobby Young Worshipful Master
Bro. Charles Jordan Senior Warden
Bro. John Henry Junior Warden
Bro. William G. Smith Treasurer
Bro. Glenn Williams Secretary
Bro. Kenneth Thompson Senior Deacon
Bro. James McNeil Junior Deacon
Bro. Robert Elam Senior Steward
Bro. William Andrews Junior Steward
Bro. Edward Brinson Chaplain
Bro. Joseph Sneed Tyler
District Deputy
Bro. Edgar Baskerville First Masonic District (Suffolk County)
Standing Committee Chairmen
Bro. Curtis Powell Masonic Education Committee
Bro. Roy Thomas Finance Committee
Bro. James Perry Investigating Committee
Bro. Charles Brown Jordan Fund Committee
Bro. Robert Elam Revenue and Entertaiment Committee
Bro. Edward Brinson Bylaws Committee
Bro. Nathaniel Myers Health and Welfare Committee
Bro. Eddie Williams Delinquent Committee
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