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Todd Martin’s euchredoodledandy the hand-crafted scoreboard for euchre

“Don’t sit between the markers – ever again!”

Available only from Borf Books:
$14.95 first class mail postpaid in U.S.;
foreign customers please add $10 for shipping

Hand-sawed white oak, hand carved, hand punched, hand finished –
6" long by 1" wide by 1" high – two pegs included

Check out the euchredoodlebiddy and euchredoodlefroggy, too!

euchredoodledandy U.S. customers, $14.95

foreign customers (including Canadians!),  $24.95

euchredoodledandy and bumper sticker, U.S. $16.95
foreigners, $26.95

send check, cash or money order to:

Borf Books
Box 413
Brownsville KY 42210 U.S.A.


6" by 4"; nine pegs included

U.S. $19.95

$21.95 with bumper sticker

Consider also the euchredoodlebiddy
and the euchredoodlefroggy

four pegs included

U.S. $15.95

$17.95 with bumper sticker

Canada & other foreign lands:

 $31.95 with bumper sticker


$27.95 with bumper sticker

bumper sticker only: $2.10 postpaid U.S., $3.50 postpaid outside U.S.

Dandies and froggies are shipped with a mixture of steel and brass pegs. If you would prefer all steel or all brass, just say so in your order.

You can personalize your dandy, biddy or froggy with your own name, team name, league name or nickname stamped or engraved on it, at 15 cents a letter. E-mail for options and exact quotations.

If you want stamping or engraving or want to order different items together, or if your order qualifies for a 30 per cent wholesale discount (five items or more, not including bumper stickers) – please e-mail

Why a euchredoodledandy?

o You can keep score with markers, but they slide all over
the place. Ever notice how the opponent keeping score
can’t seem to keep his elbows off the table?

o One groove separates the zero hole from the scoring holes:
Cross the line, and you’re “on the board.

o A second groove creates a warning zone (6 points or more):
Cross that line, and the opponents have fair notice you are
in position to go out in one hand, with a “loner. It’s time
for the “Columbus coup.

o You can “leapfrog” your scoring on the euchredoodledandy
by using two pegs in each column, starting them in the zero
and ten holes (just move the peg from the tenth hole for the
first score). Many players like the “leapfrog” method to
keep track of a team’s previous score. It does help cut
down on mistakes and cheating.

The euchredoodlefroggy is just a super euchredoodledandy designed
for “leapfrogging”: It has two zero holes for each team. Note, in the
above, that you can tell that the trailing team scored a lone march from zero,
and that the leading team last scored on a march or a euchre.

So, what’s the “euchredoodlebiddy” all about?

It’s for keeping score in bid euchre (three-handed “buck” euchre), without pencil and paper. You can’t keep score in bid euchre with markers, but you can keep score with a euchredoodlebiddy.

The euchredoodlebiddy has two columns of holes for each of three players. The left column, above the zero line, has holes for scores to nine. The right column has five holes above the zero line for scores in multiples of 10.

In bid euchre, everyone starts with 15 points and a goal of zero: You get a point off your score for each trick you take, but you go up five points each time you get euchred (by getting set on your bid, or by failing to take a trick). The euchredoodlebiddy shows scores up to 59 points (if you score more than that, you might as well concede the game). In the photo above, the player with red pegs has 15 points; the white pegs show 8 points, and the black pegs show 23.

The euchredoodlebiddy is shipped with red, white and black wooden pegs (other colors available on request) and instructions and tips for playing bid euchre.

Note that you can use the euchredoodlebiddy also as a euchredoodledandy, to score a regular euchre game to 10, by using just two of the ones columns (and you can use the tens columns to keep track of games or rubbers). The euchredoodlebiddy, with its two zero holes per player or team, also is handy for “leapfrog” scoring of a regular game of euchre. So, let’s just say you can use it as a euchredoodlefroggy.

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