* The former Dit Webb Road. Dit is deceased, but his son Willie survives. Willie’s son, A. B. Webb (not Willie), lives at the third place on the road (of three, all on the left. Willie lives in town). No one lives at the second place any more (and no one knows what “1931” means).
  ** Just like Dump Hill and drinking Postum, there is a reason also for “Mohawk,” which is the name of the community as well as the road (the lower end of which is still so labeled). The late Congressman and Brownsville attorney B. M. (Big Doc) Vincent once, in an address to a jury in the local Circuit Court, made a scathing reference to “them Mohawkers” who inhabit this area of the County – thus naming the place. (Big Doc also once appeared in a cartoon on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer for getting into a fist fight on the floor of the House of Representatives.)
*** Bertie’s has always been called, and is still known to many as, the Dairy Queen – even though a franchise Dairy Queen moved into town a few years ago. So, if you arrange to meet someone at the Dairy Queen, you should specify which one (unless you enjoy these Mohawkian double entendres).

Brownsville (known to the locals as “Brownstown”) lies, off the beaten path, midway between Louisville and Nashville, on the west end of Mammoth Cave National Park, about 20 miles northeast of Bowling Green. From the Western Kentucky Parkway, exit at Leitchfield and take Kentucky Highway 259 south about 25 miles. From I-65, exit at Park City and take Kentucky highways 255 and 70 north and west about 15 miles through the national park.

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